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Bandeau Bikinis: Why We Love Them

Oh, the bandeau bikini top. Is there any other style of swimsuit that looks this good?!

A stylish bandeau has us feeling aglow… see what we did there? Kidding aside, bandeau bikinis are quickly becoming one of the summer’s most fashionable choices for all your waterfront activities.

Uncovered shoulders that can be kissed by summer’s warmth, the freedom to pair bandeaus with almost any outfit… What else are our favorite things about bandeau bikinis? Let us fulfill your curiosity about the best things about bandeau bikinis because we know you’ve been eyeing them!

What Are Bandeaus?

The word bandeau is closely related to the French word "bande," meaning a strip of cloth. From these simple origins, bandeau bikinis have become stylishly elevated throughout the years! Bandeau bikini tops are shaped like a thinner version of a tube top, sans straps.

Even though bandeau bikinis emerged during the 1940s, we definitely envision this sassy and adorable style as here to stay. These cuties aren’t going anywhere, and for good reason! The bandeau is quickly becoming a fave for so many beachgoers and summer babes.

There is something so chic about donning a bandeau bikini in the sand, and you’ve got enough on your mind these days without having to worry about straps that could leave tan lines.

Are Bandeau Tops Comfortable?

We’ve all seen those chic photos of Kendall Jenner or Kate Bosworth strolling down a sun-soaked beach in a bandeau bikini. But how do bandeau bikini tops even stay up?

Bandeau bikini tops are made from stretchy, flexible fabric that grants movement as you play in the pool. The ability to move around without feeling constricted by your swimsuit makes having fun in the sun even better! And there is no need to be worried about an accidental not-so-modest moment. Even without straps, bandeau bikinis are outfitted with bands of fabric along the bottom and top for extra security.

Bandeau Bikinis Are Versatile

The ability to seamlessly transition from a beach day to cocktails at night is something that dreams are made of. With bandeau bikinis, you can dress them up or down!

Think about pairing a bandeau bikini top with some high-waisted shorts, strappy sandals, and a lightweight shawl when roaming around town! As the temperatures heat up and you take to the swimming pool, all you need are your Wanderlust Solids High Waist Bottoms. Now, you’re all set to jump in!

If checking a bag isn’t your thing while on summer break, your bandeau bikini will be just as stylish at a rooftop bar as it will be hanging out on the beach. Gracing you with a multifaceted wardrobe is one of the best things about bandeau bikinis.

How To Style a Bandeau Bikini

Now that we know how versatile bandeau bikinis can be, here are some styling possibilities!

Try accessorizing your bandeau bikini with items for all of your summer happenings. Poolside cabana life practically begs for chunky bangles and swimsuit cover-ups, while a day near the Pacific Ocean might warrant something a little more practical, such as fishtail braids to keep your hair from getting tangled.

So many accessories and pairings work beautifully with bandeau bikinis, giving us so many extra reasons to love the bandeau!

Will a Bandeau Bikini Flatter My Body Type?

One of the things we love the most about bandeau bikinis is that if you have a body, then yes — a bandeau bikini will look great on you! Every body is a bikini body, and bandeaus are no different.

Our Peace, Love & Peaches Bandeau Bikini Top has a gorgeous sweetheart neckline whether or not you decide to add the neck strap.

Some bandeaus have more of a sultry look, with plunging necklines and thinner fabric.

Feeling like showing off? Certain bandeau styles hug curves beautifully with twist fronts that accentuate your bust.

If you’re in the mood for something else, our Flower Power Bandeau Bikini Top has a simpler, classic style, but it’s by no means boring! Bandeau bikinis look good on all of us, and there are a ton of possibilities to choose from.

Can I Wear a Bandeau If I Have a Large Bust?

One of the most amazing things about bandeaus becoming so popular is that bandeaus are being made with every body type in mind.

We know the worry of thinking that straps are a necessity with breast support on the brain. Toss that notion aside: Bandeaus can absolutely give the correct fit and comfort for large busts. No breast compression here!

If you have a fuller chest that requires a little bit more support when you’re vacationing on the coast, opt for a bandeau bikini that has underwire or built-in cups. Styles like the Mellow Medallion Bandeau Bikini Top come to mind with a flattering neckline and just the right amount of coverage.

Can I Wear a Bandeau if I Have a Small Bust?

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: Bandeaus are for everyone. While small busts may not be looking for a ton of support, you definitely don’t want to be uncomfortable in your swimsuit. Whether you’re simply looking for a no-frills bikini top that covers as intended or a bikini top that lifts and emphasizes, bandeaus have got your back (and chest)!

Since bandeaus are made of stretchy, snug material, small busts can be gracefully shaped in a bandeau bikini. A world of bandeau options comes standard with padding, which is a great way to garner more “oomph” if that’s your vibe!

Bikini Bottoms To Pair With Bandeau Tops

There are a lot of bikini bottom styles that look oh-so-chic when matched with a bandeau bikini top. Whether you find yourself being pulled toward hipster bottoms (bikini bottoms that tie on the side are incredibly alluring!) or high-waisted bottoms, anything goes!

With a statement piece as transfixing as a bandeau, let your bikini top do the heavy lifting. Toss a wrap, coverup, or kimono into your beach bag before you head out the door, and you’ve got a perfectly complete look!

Where Can I Wear a Bandeau Bikini?

Bandeau bikinis fit in just fine at semi-formal gatherings as they do floating down the river on an inflatable raft, beer in hand. Here are some summer spots to show off your bandeau bikini!

  • Pool parties
  • Beach days
  • Outdoor summer dinners
  • Park picnics
  • BBQ get-togethers
  • Music festivals (Hi, Coachella!)
  • Camping at the lake
  • Ice cream dates
  • Waterparks
  • Beach cleanups
  • Poolside lounging with a good book
  • Kayaking or canoeing
  • Hammock naps

Okay, all of those ideas sound like SO much fun, we are about ready to head outside right now! Where is my mini-umbrella adorned drink?!

That is definitely not an exhaustive list by any means, though! Chances are, if you can dream it, your bandeau bikini can do it. One more reason to find the bandeau irresistible: check!


Bandeau bikinis come in many diverse patterns, colors, and styles that are as unique as you are. Bandeaus are a multi-tasking powerhouse that has definitely earned a spot in any summer wardrobe!

With oodles of ways to wear bandeau bikinis and so many reasons why we love them, are you wondering what’s the best thing about bandeau bikinis? There’s something for everyone!


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