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20+ Sexy Beach Photoshoot Ideas To Try This Summer

As the weather starts to heat up, our confidence should, too. You are totally unstoppable when you are feelin’ self-assured and authentically you!

You’ve got your sexy swimsuit and are ready to take to the beach. Having a beach photoshoot with friends, your partner, or even a professional photographer is a totally fun way to commemorate summertime!

Looking for unique and fun ideas when iPhone cameras and Polaroids come out to play? We’ve got you covered.

How to Feel Confident for a Beach Photoshoot

Everyone wants to look and feel their best while rockin’ a gorgeous swimsuit under the sun. Sometimes, we just don’t feel 100%.

With a few tips, you’ll be ready for that sexy beach photoshoot of yours any day of the week.

  • Whenever you have a negative thought about yourself, balance it out with a positive one!
  • Try to avoid comparing yourself to others! We are all beautiful individuals, deserving of love.
  • Turn your attention to what you love about yourself. As Tony Robbins famously quipped: “where focus goes, energy flows.” This is super important in shifting to a more positive headspace!
  • Practice grounding techniques. Grounding techniques work wonders for alleviating not just anxiety but negative thoughts in general!

Tips for Looking Good in Front of a Camera

Everyone’s a photographer these days, right? With how crystal clear smartphone cameras are, it’s no wonder! Still, sometimes we could use a lil cheat sheet for looking effortlessly flawless in front of a camera:

  • Lighting is everything! With brilliant sunshine on the beach, you want to avoid the sun being directly overhead. Positioning the sun behind you is way more flattering! No harsh shadows on your face to contend with.
  • Matte makeup, please! Especially with how warm the beach can get, shiny faces are a no-go.
  • Have your photographer shoot from either slightly above or slightly below. This provides more artistic perspectives!
  • Smile with your eyes. We all remember Tyra Banks’ infamous “smize,” right? Practice in the mirror before you head out to the coast!
  • Angles, angles, angles. We will cover this more in our next section, so stay tuned!

    Flattering Angles for a Sexy Beach Photoshoot

    Styling swimwear? Check. Beach backdrop? Double yes! Photoshoot angles that will reflect your beauty in the camera? Let’s get into it.

    • Having the camera positioned at a lower angle and outstretching your legs is instantly elongating!
    • Staying on your tiptoes both creates a slimmer silhouette and longer legs.
    • Try experimenting with turning ¾ away from the camera. It’s super flattering!
    • If you’re sitting, try sitting with your knees bent to your chest. This pose gives coverage if you’re a bit self-conscious and still exudes sexiness!
    • Another tip for photos where you’ll be sitting? Don’t twist your torso too much. We don’t want any distortion on our beautiful bodies!
    • For a little booty pop action, don’t stand evenly on both of your feet. Try standing with more weight on one foot and your other leg slightly in front.

    Sexy Beach Photoshoot Ideas in the Waves

    Ready for our sexy beach photoshoot ideas? Flaunt your sex appeal with a beach photoshoot amongst the ocean’s waves!

    1. Kneel near the waves with the ocean behind you. Play with your hair and arch your back as the waves crash! This photoshoot idea is a fave of so many swimsuit models, and can you blame them?! Imagine modeling your In a Trance Tropical Side Tie Hipster Bottoms like this!
    2. Lie down on your side in the waves, closer to the shore. Bring your top leg in front of the other, bending it slightly while your other leg is outstretched. Curves AND length? You know it.
    3. Walk into the water! You can get sultry photos walking both toward the camera and away from it. Make eye contact with the camera at times, but also look out into the distance. Sooo pretty!
    4. Try floating on your back for a unique way to show off your swimsuit (and tan). Keep your eyes closed for two reasons: avoiding the sun and giving off serene vibes. Chill, yet sexy. Our Zodiac Cutout One Shoulder Mio would totally sparkle here.
    5. Get deep enough in the water to submerge your body until just your eyes are above the water. Give the camera a “smize” or an alluringly bold stare. We LOOOOVE this look.
    6. As you emerge from the ocean, play in the waves! Kick and splash the water, and we guarantee you’ll have a blast with this photoshoot idea. After all, looking natural is a great way to show off your inner sexiness.
    7. When you’re in the water, get your hair wet. Then, practice that famous hair flip! This may take a few tries to get 100% right, but when you do, it’s absolutely stunning. Have your hair fan out as you flip your hair back and arch your back… YESSS!

    Sexy Beach Photoshoot Ideas in the Sand

    Time to dry off and take to the sandy shores of the Pacific (or Atlantic, or Indian, or Arctic? Well, maybe not that last one). There are a ton of ways to incorporate sandy coastline when you’re having a sexy beach photoshoot. Here are some of our must-do ideas!

    1. With your toes in the sand, stretch overhead to elongate your torso with a stunning beach scene behind you.
    2. Face the sea with your body, and turn your head toward the camera. Bonus points if you implement some of our earlier tips for that booty pop!
    3. Sit facing the camera, and bring your legs up toward your chest as you face another direction. This pose looks both elegant and seductive!
    4. Bring your legs slightly to the side, and use your arm to keep your upper body elongated. Retro Rainbow Plunge Once Piece, meet sexy beach photoshoot pose.
    5. Give this a shot: lean back on your hands with your legs outstretched in front of you. This shot looks so naturally transfixing!
    6. Take to laying down on your beach towel. Keep one leg long with the other bent. Keep your back arched for maximum sex appeal, as your photographer snaps the shot at a low angle. Can you say magazine centerfold?!
    7. Maybe your beach trip has you finding yourself on a rocky beach, such as the rugged coastlines of the Washington Coast. Use those cliff sides and rock formations to your photoshoot advantage!
    8. Lean up against a rock, with your arms crossed over your head. Remember to keep one leg slightly in front of the other so that your body looks long and graceful!
    9. Facing a rock or cliffside, put your hands on the rock and gaze at the camera. We are imagining this idea in our In a Trance Tropical Bandeau Bikini Top, and we just can’t get enough.

      Sexy Beach Photoshoot Ideas with Your Partner

      There is no rule that says an enticing beach photoshoot has to be done solo. Including your partner into the mix is not only a great excuse to get closer (which matters!), but it’s also totally sexy.

      1. Sunset beach photoshoot with your partner! Sunsets are romantic and give us gorgeous lighting.
      2. Hold hands and walk next to the waves. You can capture shots of you two walking both toward the camera and away!
      3. Have your partner dip you for a kiss — or vice versa.
      4. Feeling sultry? Get in those waves and kiss! You can stand and have your arms around each other, or kneel in the waves and straddle your partner with your hands in their hair. Phew, it’s hot in here.
      5. Stand with your back against your partner’s chest, and wrap their arms around you. Bonus points if you get them to kiss your neck as many times as possible. We love this prompt because it offers sexy and playful vibes!
      6. Run toward your partner and jump into their arms! When they’re holding you, they can give you a spin. Movement in photos always makes things look a lot less stiff.
      7. Play in the water together. Splash each other, dance, and flirt!

                  Props to Use for a Beach Photoshoot

                  Now that you have sexy beach photoshoot ideas under your belt (or pareo wrap), it’s time to think about adding props!

                  Props are an amazing method of keeping your hands busy if you aren’t sure what to do with them and add some excitement to a beach photoshoot.

                  • Pool floaties! Even if you aren’t in the ocean during your photoshoot, you can still lounge and pose with colorful floats.
                  • Ice cream or a drink! Ice cream cone in hand as the sun beats down is such a sexy photoshoot idea! Have a little fruity drink with the straw at your lips, wink to that iPhone… okay, stunner! We see you.
                  • Sunglasses! No shortage of fabulous looks here.
                  • Wraps and cover-ups! You can wear these in front of the camera, or wave them around in the wind. Our New Wave Pareo Wrap makes for a flirty and chic addition to your beach photo session.
                  • Sun hats! Take a page from professional models who use accessories like hats as a form of movement. You can hold onto your sunhat as you spin around, or toss it at the camera as the photoshoot winds down.


                  Whether your summer beach trips will take you across the globe or around the corner, you will want to document your summer fun! There are so many techniques to having a sexy photoshoot on the beach.

                  Lighting, angles, props… upgrade your Insta game with these ideas, and we will see you on the sand.


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