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Best Beach Cover-Ups for Every Personality

At Sunshine 79, we fully believe that every person is unique, and they deserve swimwear and cover-ups as interesting and awesome as they are.

Maybe you’re a practical Virgo, an outgoing ENTP, or you boast an Enneagram number of 4. Having distinct personality traits helps determine what kind of choices we make with our careers, relationships, and of course, attire! 

No matter what quirks you possess or mindset you’re in, here are our picks for the best beach cover-ups: for every personality.

Why Wear Beach Cover-Ups?

Beach cover-ups are a way to show off your killer personal style, and they’re practical to boot!

Beach cover-ups:

  • Help with sun protection when you need it
  • Ensure you’re beach-ready at all times during your vacation, without feeling too exposed 
  • Take your summer vacation outfit from “just clothing” to an on-point, full-blown LOOK.

Cover-ups help take your swimsuit look from the streets to the beach without having to worry about getting changed in a public restroom (ew). With a cover-up, your beach or pool outfit is effortlessly ready to hit the water, the sand, or the corner store. 

Have a little bit of a walk between the pool and your cabana? cover-ups transition your ensemble from every location seamlessly.

Beach cover-ups come in a myriad of styles, each bringing its own fierceness to the table (or to the pool party). From flirty sarongs to sleek kimonos, classic tunics, and everything in between. 

Perfect for showing off your personality, no?

Best Beach Cover-Ups for Extroverts

How do you know if you’re an extrovert? Chances are good that your friends will be able to tell you. If your score on the Myers Briggs personality test starts with an E, you can guess what that stands for! 

If you’re an astrology darling, you’ll recall that fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are generally considered extroverted. Some famous extroverts include Oprah, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Serena Williams.

Qualities of extroverted people include:

  • Talkative
  • Social
  • Outgoing
  • Enthusiastic
  • Adores attention

As an extrovert, you’re no stranger to wanting to draw attention to your stunning beach look. Our Love Swirl Pareo Wrap has got you covered, literally! With bold colors and an intricate design, no doubt you’ll be turning heads. Wear a sassy bikini with a Triangle Top underneath to really draw attention.

Wanting to make a statement as you take to the coast? Our Flower Power Beach Pant has sunshiney details that truly match your friendly personality. In fact, compliments on these beach pants could strike up new friendships! 

We think a 70s Stripe Plunge One Piece would be super adorable with these vibrant pants. A little sun hat action for you? All the world’s a stage with your energetic vibe.

Seeking another colorful pareo wrap to add to your vacation suitcase? The brilliant In a Trance Tropical Pareo Wrap fits the bill. You can go for a matching look by combining this wrap with the In a Trance Tropical Bandeau Bikini Top. With a little hint of skin in between your top and the wrap, it balances out this matching outfit and never looks too “busy.”

Best Beach Cover-Ups for Introverts

If you have a penchant for online personality tests like we do, an Enneagram test may have given you a 5 or 9. Congratulations, you’re probably an introvert! 

Taking to the zodiac, water signs are most often introverted. 

Famous introverted people include Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, and Julia Roberts

Qualities of Introverted People Include:

  • Thoughtful
  • Values their alone time
  • Great listeners
  • Reserved
  • Empathetic

Maybe flashy looks aren’t your thing if you are an introvert, but you can still have some fun with your looks while remaining true to yourself. 

We simply adore our Hippie Chic Kimono with intricate crocheted trim for a subtly sweet outfit. You’ll look both put together and carefree at the same time! Choose from our collection of One Shoulder One Pieces if you’re feeling daring or stick with a Classic.

This New Wave Kimono boasts soft hues of blue, orange, and pink but never feels too conspicuous. A pop of color can really lighten up your look and can be combined with a Wanderlust Solids Over The Shoulder One Piece

Our 70s Stripe Maxi Dress has gorgeous muted colors with a boho atmosphere. Just because you don’t want to catch everyone’s eye doesn’t mean you don’t want to catch SOMEONE’S eye! We can totally see this maxi dress livening up a wide-brimmed neutral sun hat, too. 

Best Beach Cover-Ups for When You’re Feeling Sexy

Does your Hawaiian summer beach vacation have you wanting to flaunt your sultry side? Maybe you’re jet-setting off to the gorgeous Mexican coast for your honeymoon. Perhaps you’re secretly hoping for a summer romance rendezvous with Pierre, whom you met at a little French beachside cafe.

This Chillin' Crochet V Neck Tunic gifts your adoring audience with little glimpses of skin underneath flowy cotton details. Add a sultry Bralette Top with Hipster Bottoms (bonus points if they have hip-flattering side ties like our In a Trance Tropical Side Tie Hipster Bottom). Take this look from the resort pool to a hot date!

We think Pareo Wraps are the definition of sexy. They tie at the side to display your glowing tan and offer a super seductive silhouette! Give any bikini top a whirl with this sexy number.

Feeling sultry is a mindset for sure. There are numerous ways to both feel and look sexy while being sophisticated, too. The Chillin' Crochet Beach Pant is calling your name! You can give a peek of a little more skin by wearing a bikini with these pants, or have on a one-piece swimsuit beneath.

Best Beach Cover-Ups for Glamorous Babes

There are plenty of beaches to choose from for a glamorous vacation. Tel Aviv, St. Tropez, and Crete come to the forefront of our minds. There are also oodles of beach cover-ups to choose from that can almost take you from these glam beaches to the red carpet!

Our Retro Rainbow Print Pareo Wrap has rainbow stripes and colorful tassels that makes this sarong stand out. Neutral strappy sandals and oversized sunglasses (Sito Good Life Sunglasses, anyone?) have this look begging to be taken on a yacht. 

Searching for a beach cover-up that can take you to an elegant Ibiza club on a summer’s night? This All A Flutter Midi Dress gets the job done. This beach cover-up dress ties in the front and reveals your upper back in a high-class way.

We can’t forget our Hippie Trail V Neck Tunic, with embroidered accents and flowing style that makes elegance a breeze. There’s no way an all-inclusive resort getaway can be complete without taking this tunic cover-up along!

Best Beach Cover-Ups for Practical Cuties

You want to look trendy and on point always, and heading to the beach is obviously no exception! Here are some of the best beach cover-ups that still keep fashion in mind while being practical, too:

No frills, but still absolutely adorable? Retro Rainbow Maxi Dress, here! We love love love how the rainbow brushstrokes compliment your waistline. Slip this maxi dress over your swimsuit easily right before you set off for a beach outing!

Have to make a pit stop before your beach destination? Wear our Flower Power Short Sleeve Tunic so you won’t feel like your swimsuit is on display just yet. And don’t forget a pair of Sito Cult Vision Sunglasses to match. Easy, peasy!


Your personality is remarkable, special, and different. You could be drawn to a sexy cover-up on your vacation in Greece, or something more practical on Catalina Island. No matter which way your personality swings, there is a beach cover-up for everyone. With some carefully curated accessories and swimwear to compliment your cover-up, you can shine.

Pisces queens, wallflowers, INTJs… we see you. Now that you have a beach cover-up that speaks to your personality, all you have to do is hit the beach!


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