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The Best Bikini Colors for Pale or Fair Skin

This one's for our fair-skinned beauties and pale darlings! For those of us who need to apply that sunscreen a little more frequently, it can seem like a headache trying to find a swimsuit that works with your skin tone. But it shouldn’t be! 

While knowing what colors complement your skin tone is important, feeling your best is the most important thing. Here are our picks for the best bikini colors for pale or fair skin so that you can take to the beach or pool with confidence. 

The Science of Skin Undertones

The key to matching the right bikini color to your pale skin lies in your undertone. If you’re thinking this is just one more thing to add to the pile of things to worry about, fear not! You likely have an idea of what your undertone might be and just haven’t realized it yet.

Ever take a trip to Sephora, and balk at how bright those lights are? They aren’t just a trick to get you to purchase more makeup (although let’s face it, they work in that regard, too). The bright lights at makeup counters help us determine what our skin’s undertone is. With that information, we can color match with ease! When you’re showing off extra skin in your summer wardrobe, you can use undertones to your advantage.

Discovering Your Undertone

If you’re not sure what your skin undertone is, let’s make discovering it fun! Compare your skin with a friend and notice the differences in your (and their) beautiful skin. If you look at the veins in your arms or wrists, you may see something cool! 

If you find your veins and see colors like blue and purple, you have cooler undertones. If the hues you’ve discovered seem more yellow or green, you have warm undertones! It’s also possible to have more neutral undertones which is a combination of the warm and cool. Pretty neat, huh?

Not quite sure what colors are warm and which are cool? Just call us your art teacher for the day! 

Looking at a color wheel can help. Think of warm colors like the color of a summer sunset or the leaves in fall. They come from shades of yellow, orange, and red. Referring to them as warm makes total sense if you think of the colors of a candle’s flame or a bonfire!

What about cool colors? These include greens, blues, and purples. Think of nighttime in the forest. Using a word like cool should bring up thoughts of ocean hues… (And how we feel in our shades).

Decoding the Colors of Swimwear for Pale Skin

For your beautiful pale skin tone, consider suits with a darker hue! The deep color will be a great contrast with your fair skin. Anything from deep blues, to vibrant reds, sunshine yellow, and even natural dark greens all look s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. A stark contrast of colors is the name of the game, so it’s best to avoid overly saturated hues.

Let’s break it down further by looking into the undertones we just learned about. These shades make up a big portion of how our skin color is perceived, so they’re important when figuring out what the best bikini colors are for your fair skin!

Best Bikinis for Pale Skin: Cool Undertones

Are you a cool undertone sportin’ babe? We love it! You can look forward to effortlessly donning bikinis in purples, blues, and pinks. These colors do a great job of harmonizing with both your overall skin shade and its underlying hue!

Our preference? Go for something like the Mellow Medallion Bandeau Bikini Top! Not only is it a fun print, but it has a bit of the blues, purples, and pinks we mentioned. It’s the perfect combination of standing out while tying your whole look together with ease. Add this bikini to your shortlist!

Another great swimsuit to highlight those cool tones is our Fresh Blooms Bandeau One Piece. It’s the chicest of cool styles for the summer warmth! The colors in this one-piece make your fair skin shine in the best way. We adore the subtle patterns here, too.

Best Bikinis for Pale Skin: Warm Undertones

Does your pale skin have that warm glow underneath? For warm skin tones, you can pull off a lot of earthy colors (yellows, orange, and brown), as well as reds or whites! This opens up so many possibilities when swimsuit shopping for your porcelain skin.

In the earth tone category, we have totally fallen in love with our Flower Power Bandeau Bikini Top and our matching Flower Power High Waist Bottoms! Not only does this suit possess earth tones that flatter pale skin, it also satisfies our bohemian sensibilities. Slip on your brown leather sandals, and take to the sand!

Our All A Flutter Bandeau Bikini Top and All A Flutter High Waist Bottoms go absolutely perfectly with pale skin that leans toward the warmer side! All you need is a white sun hat, and you’re set. 

Palm Springs is calling, so you better answer!

Best Bikinis for Pale Skin: Neutral Undertones

Did you see a little bit of cool and warm in our undertone experiment? You’re neutral, cutie. Neutral skin tones look great with more muted tones of just about any color. Patterned prints are also a big yes! 

Don’t forget to look at the overall color if patterns are speaking to you. You’ll want to check for warm tones or cool tones to match your skin.

For the muted colors to match a more neutral palette, let’s take a look at our 70’s Stripe Halter Triangle Top with 70’s Stripe Side Shirred Hipster Bottoms. Stripes? Yes, please! Fashionable 70s inspiration with a modern flair takes these subtle colors to today.

They say everything goes with black, and we won’t argue with that — neutral skin undertones included. We love our Zodiac Over the Shoulder Bralette Top. Pair that with the Zodiac Side Shirred Hipster Bottom, and you’ve got a pale-skinned flattering style that packs plenty of star power.

Caring for Your Pale Skin

Good skincare habits and preventative measures aren’t exclusive to those with fair skin! Here are a few of our go-to ways to care for pale or fair skin:

  • SPF: All day, every day. Sunscreen should be a part of EVERYONE’S skincare routine, regardless of shade! People with pale skin tend to burn easier, so you want to protect your skin from the potentially harmful effects of UV radiation. Make sure to reapply sunscreen often if you are hanging out under the sun’s rays for longer periods of time!
  • Hats – not just a fashion choice! Sun hats work wonders when it comes to keeping the sun from damaging your skin. There are plenty of adorable hat styles to choose from when you’re packing your tote to head to the beach this summer.
  • Sunglasses, of course! Fair-skinned folk can often have light-colored eyes too, which can be more sensitive to sunlight. With a plethora of sunglasses options at our disposal, we won’t complain about adding one more stylish accessory to our beach ensemble.


While the best bikini colors for fair skin can truly be whatever color your favorite bikini is, there are some colors that do their best to complement pale skin tones. Armed with the knowledge and confidence to pick out a bikini that matches your skin tone, it’s time to shop! 

Of course, there are other factors to keep in mind. Your eye and hair color can help curve the look that’s right for you. Using your skin tone, undertone, and even hair and eye colors to your advantage when picking out your summer swimsuit apparel can take your look up a notch!

Our suggestion is to grab some cute looks, maybe a few friends or just your mirror, and have a fashion show! Try on different looks with a mix of color tones and see what works and what doesn’t. It’ll help you see how the color combinations can really stand out with your particular hue!

If you’re someone who sports fair or pale skin, choosing the best colors for your bikini or swimsuit will help give you the self-assurance to rock this summer! Go get it, babe.


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