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Bikini Tan Lines: 3 Suits for a More Even Tan

Bikinis are the quintessential bathing suit of choice for soaking up the summer sun, whether you’re sunbathing by the pool on a New York rooftop, on a tropic beach, or even in your own backyard! The nature of bikinis allows the sun to effortlessly grace your skin, and a summer’s glow is always the tell-tale sign of an amazing vacation!

Is it truly summer if you didn’t get a tan? Not as far as we are concerned. But not all two-piece swimsuits were meant for that sun-kissed glow.

When seeking an even tan, there are certain swimsuit styles you’ll want to avoid. Make everyone jelly when you return to the office in the fall, and check out our top 3 suits for a more even tan!

How Can I Get a Tan?

Spending time in the sunshine has its benefits, such as boosting your mood and giving your skin some color. The sun puts out UV rays, which react with the melanin in our skin. Hello, bronze glow! 

We have some tanning tips to get you started before you take to Zuma Beach:

  • Put on sunscreen with a decent SPF to avoid sunburn.

  • Take breaks, since prolonged sun exposure can make you tired. 

  • Move around! We want an even tan, right? Make sure each part of your body you want to tan has adequate sun time.

  • Protect your eyes. (Sunglasses, anyone?)

What Are the Best Bikini Styles for an Even Tan?

The following swimsuit styles will not only help you achieve a gorgeous radiance but look cute, too! 

1. Bandeau Bikini Tops

Bandeaus are one of our favorite styles to achieve an even tan. The term “bandeau” originates from the French word "bande," meaning a strip of cloth. Taking that origin story into consideration, bandeaus these days have become so much more than cloth strips. 

Sweetheart necklines, mini short sleeves, cinched bodices, cutouts, different patterns and styles… bandeau bikini sets are anything but bland. The best part? These lil bikini tops offer the option to go strapless! No annoying tan lines from swimsuit straps here, thank you very much.

Your swimsuit collection isn’t complete without a bandeau bikini (especially when it comes to achieving even tan nirvana). Not to mention you can take this bikini top from the beach to your everyday! We love how versatile bandeaus can be. 

Wanting a swimsuit outfit that has you lookin’ like a work of art? The Feelin' Fine Floral Bandeau Top is the one for you. Just look at those watercolor splashes of beautiful hues! The silhouette of this bandeau bodice is undeniably flattering. No neck-straps = freedom from unsightly tan lines as you lay out on your beach towel. 

Complete this look with our Feelin' Fine Floral Shirred Hipster Bottoms. These bikini bottoms are the perfect mix between just enough coverage and showing off some tan-seeking skin.

If you aren’t 100% convinced to go strapless, it’s all good! Many bandeau tops have removable straps, like the Psychedelic Zebra Bandeau Bikini Top. Grab this top and hit the waves with just-right support offered by its straps. When you’re all set to get your tan on, simply remove the strap and lay out! 

As a bonus, when you’ve turned over to catch the sun rays on your back, you can untie the back strap. Ooh, la la! Tanning swimsuit perfection AND support? Ladies and gentlemen, we call that a win.

2. Triangle Bikini Tops

When we think of bikinis, we often conjure images of triangle tops. Triangle bikini tops are a quintessential slice of swimwear fashion! With such a classically timeless look, the longevity of triangle bikini tops is unquestionable. 

Triangle bikini tops can be for everyone, too! Forget about swimsuit tops that leave you feeling too exposed. Triangle tops can be your ideal tanning soulmate: coverage, plus the ability to let the sun greet your skin. Feel the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze while you sport the ultimate swimsuit for tanning.

Some triangle tops are maneuverable, with the triangle cups sliding across the band with ease. AKA, a recipe for even tanning magic! Our Wanderlust Solids Halter Triangle Top is one of these beauties. We can’t get over how much fun solid swimsuits can be with the ability to mix and match accessories to fit your mood! Because the straps show off your back, you can say “hello” to a more even tan.

Here’s a different take on the triangle top! Drumroll, please: Meet our In a Trance Tropical Banded Halter Triangle Top. We loooove the fun patterns that adorn this wide band. And because this bikini top has a gorgeous plunging neckline, your tan has even more real estate to dazzle in! Plunge necklines are a great asset to look for when swimsuit shopping with your tan in mind. 

Don’t let us forget to mention that this bikini top is reversible, meaning you get two styles in one! We just couldn’t forgive ourselves if we didn’t share that little secret. More suitcase space? We’ll take it!

3. Bralette Tops

A question we often hear is, “What exactly IS a bralette, anyway?”. To put it simply, a bralette is a soft bra, oftentimes without any wires involved. Bralette bikini tops generally provide more coverage than triangle bikini tops but show more skin than a midkini or tankini. That’s one middle ground we are all about! 

The Flower Power Bralette Top gifts us with everything we need in a perfect swimsuit for tanning. With how sleek and strappy the back is, tan lines can easily be a thing of the past. No fuss here with the splashes of sunshiney vibrance on this bikini top! We can totally lure the sun with this flower power.

We are diggin’ our Zodiac Over the Shoulder Bralette Top, too. Matched with the Zodiac French Cut Bikini Bottoms, this duo lets your skin come out to play. 

Remember when we mentioned how deep necklines are marvelous for an even tan? This bralette top is here to show you how. The scoop neck back ties in the center, meaning you can untie the gold tassel charms for a more even tan.

Even though the Boheme Paisley Over the Shoulder Bralette Top has a higher neckline, this cutie can still work wonders when it comes to your tan! We have total heart eyes for the way this bikini top flaunts your upper back! Tanned goddess, who? You!

What Are the Best Beaches for Tanning?

Seven continents, four oceans, and a plethora of prime tanning opportunities on every coastline! Here are a few spots to take your new tanning-ready swimsuits:

  • Santa Monica Beach, California
  • Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Islands
  • Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda
  • Source D’Argent, Seychelles
  • Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Feeling inspired? We definitely are.


If you’re hitting up any of the above suntanning locales, or have another beach destination in mind, these trendy swimsuit styles are here for you. Trust us and ditch the one-piece swimsuit. You don’t want to look in the mirror after an amazing beach vacay and see a splotchy tan. 

These 3 suit possibilities are amazing options for achieving a golden tan. Let your sun-kissed aura hype you up, all the way until next summer!



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