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Flattering Swimsuits for Every Body

Swimsuits are an essential part of summer! Your summer vacation might take you to a European beach, Caribbean cruise, or Palm Springs pool party. Whatever the occasion, wondering what swimsuit styles to sport is a predicament on everyone’s brain. Finding the right suit is super important for having an amazing day!

Everybody deserves to feel gorgeous in a swimsuit! Yes, that means you! When you’re confident and self-assured, it feels like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. From then on, you have the freedom to be unapologetically you! We think that’s pretty flattering. 

This summer, you want a swimsuit that hugs your body in all the right places and fosters self-confidence. After all, feeling confident is this season’s hottest new trend. We have the 411 on swimsuits that are flattering on every body, no matter what.

What to Look for in a Swimsuit

Flattering Swimsuits for Every Body

The word “flattering” is commonly used to describe something that makes someone look attractive. Taking this definition into the swimsuit sphere, there are more choices than we know what to do with. But how do you narrow down what styles of swimsuits work best for your body type?

With a few easy prompts to get you started, you can reference these when swimsuit shopping for your next vacation:

  • Enhance your assets. If you’ve got assets that you’re particularly proud of, there’s no shame in wanting to show them off!

  • Choose what makes you comfy. Maybe there are areas of your body you don’t want to have on display. No big deal! There are swimsuits that are designed with you in mind, too.

Swimsuits that are flattering tend to have a few common characteristics! Here are some things to remember about swimsuits that will fit “just right”:

  • They’re form-fitting, but never venturing into “too tight” territory. An ideal balance!

  • They can often be adjustable, thanks to ties or clasps. These can help you tailor your swimsuit to fit your body flawlessly!

  • A flattering swimsuit will only show off as much skin as you feel comfortable with, like necklines and derriere coverage. 

Know Your Body Type

Historically, body types have been referenced as shapes. Triangle, rectangle, oval, hourglass…what are the differences between them all in regards to bodies? Let’s learn about the most common types of body shapes.

Pear or Triangle

If your hips and thighs are curvier than your top half, you’ve got what’s known as a pear-shaped or triangular body type. Think Beyonce and Kim Kardashian! Who wouldn’t want to be included in this powerhouse celebrity troupe?!


A rectangular figure is a silhouette with equal proportions across the shoulders, hips, and waist. See: Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman. Rectangle body types find yourself amongst the ranks of these gorgeous leading ladies!

Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangular shape is a fuller bust and shoulders with a slimmer waist and hips. We wouldn’t mind being in the same club as the gorgeous Angelina Jolie and Naomi Campbell, who also sport this body type.


Hourglass figures have a fuller top and shoulders, a slim waistline, and full hips. Beauties who fit in the hourglass figure category include Jennifer Lopez and Tyra Banks. 

Oval or Apple

An oval or apple figure is a full bust with a full midsection and slimmer hips. If you’re rockin’ an oval figure, you’re in good company with others like Oprah and Adele!

Grab a mirror, put on some feel-good music, and check yourself out, beautiful! Once you’ve determined what body shape you possess, it’ll be super simple to find what the best swimsuits are for enhancing and flattering your body.

Flattering One-Piece Swimsuits 

Are one-piece swimsuits resonating with you for your beach excursions or poolside shindigs? If you think one-piece suits are used solely for concealing, think again. One-piece swimsuits can be as sexy and alluring as bikinis are! 

Let’s take a peek at the one-piece ensembles that will look simply stunning on everybody’s body.

Pear or Triangle

For those of you with a pear shape or triangle figure, you’ve got a friend in our In A Trance Tropical Bandeau One Piece. Exposed shoulders are a coy way of creating contrast with your hips. Craving something a little more whimsical? You’re on vacation, after all! 

Check out our Zodiac Cut Out One Shoulder One Piece, featuring an asymmetrical look that shows off your skin in allllll the right places. 


The Fresh Blooms Bandeau One Piece is an amazing option if your body shape leans toward rectangular. The cinching on this one-piece swimsuit assists in creating curves and helps portray an hourglass figure. The sweetheart neckline gives a level of playful flirtiness to make you feel extra confident. 

We love the Hollywood bombshell energy this swimsuit gives us!

Inverted Triangle

Our Peace, Love, & Peaches One Piece offers support for the inverted triangular shape while still being flirty and sweet. Talk about a multitasker! The deep scoop neckline displays everything you’re wanting to accentuate when you take this outfit to the coast.


Those with an hourglass figure are keen on showing off their waistline, as you should be! Let our Mellow Medallion Bandeau One Piece help with that. This darling lil number features a drawstring in the middle to customize and call attention to as much (or as little) of your waist as you’d like. 

We love a swimsuit that can do it all!

Apple or Oval

Apple or oval silhouettes, this suggestion is for you. You’ve gotta hand it to the Flower Power Bandeau One Piece — it is such a flattering swimsuit look! This one-piece boasts color and pattern blocking to amplify dimension and add curves where you’d like ‘em. Marilyn Monroe would be jelly! 

Flattering Bikini Tops

Perhaps one-piece swimsuits aren’t really your thing. Is your mind wandering to bikinis? You can absolutely make room in your beach bag for these bikini tops. Let’s break down the options of accentuating or concealing your bust with these adorable tops.

Feelin’ blessed may have you leaning toward our Feelin’ Fine Floral Bralette. The knotted center tie gives you control over just how much of your cleavage you feel like showing off. The Wanderlust Solids are another great complimenting option. Adjustable straps help keep things comfortable, as well!

If you don’t want to draw too much attention to your chest, we’ve got you covered! Well, our Fresh Blooms High Neck Midkini does. This midkini top minimizes skin exposure while exuding playfulness with the U-shaped neckline.

For something a little different, our Zodiac Bralette can help minimize a fuller bust, if that’s the look you’re after. This star-studded beauty boasts gold tassel chains on the back that offer just the right amount of glamor.

Flattering Bikini Bottoms

Bikini bottoms can sometimes be a tricky item to shop for, but worry not! What about these possibilities?

Highlighting your hips, waist, and legs can be rewarding. We find the Wanderlust Solids Side Shirred Hipster Bottoms are always up for a good time! Adorned with rings around the hips, these bikini bottoms are oh-so-chic.

Next up in our Wanderlust series? You’re in luck because these bikini bottoms are also available in a High Waisted style. They do a great job of being elegant and sophisticated, yet not too revealing.

Using Swimsuit Cover Ups to Highlight or Conceal 

Cover-ups do a great job of concealing when you want them to! Our New Wave Kimono is a fun take on the kimono with pops of color that let you get lost in its full coverage. The adjustable tie belt allows you to keep the wrap secure!

The Flora-Block Pareo Wrap is a great highlight for your legs. Tying it up in different ways provides even more options and opportunities to let the world take a look at those gams. And as a bonus, tying this pareo wrap can draw attention to your hips, too. Give us allll the possibilities, please and thank you!


Every body is special and highlighting certain features or concealing others is just a matter of preference! Flattering your body is a balance, and with the tools we’ve given you, you’re ready to find the right match. 

Varying body types don’t limit the options, trust us! Grab yourself your new summer swimsuit with your unique body in mind, and watch the magic happen.


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