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How To Wear Your Swimsuits off the Beach

Those chic swimsuits, wraps, and cover-ups that you have in the summer section of your closet deserve to shine year-round. After all, who doesn’t want to relive the beachy vibes during spring, fall, or winter? That’s when we need them most! 

Your adorable swimsuit looks right at home on the water, but there are a ton of ways that you can incorporate those summer looks into your everyday wardrobe! 

Why Wear Swimsuits off the Beach?

Gone are the disappointing days when you’d have to shove your swimsuits to the back of your drawer. They deserve better than that! You don’t have to wait until the mercury rises to show off your beach attire. With a tactical approach, your swimwear can be worn everywhere.

You put a lot of thought into what swimsuits you’ll be rocking during the summertime!.It would be a shame to not get more mileage out of those looks, right? Soon, you’ll be a natural at matching your swimsuits with day-to-day items. 

Including your swimsuits into your outfit rotation during non-summer months is an Earth-friendly option, too! With how hard the fashion industry can be on the environment, we can do our part by making small changes. Looking fashionable while being sustainable: How’s that for gaining karma points? Ka-ching!

Most swimsuits are comprised of nylon and elastane (sometimes known as Spandex or Lycra). Having fabric that stretches is super important for a good swimsuit. 

If you’re considering taking your beach swimsuit into new everyday territory, you’ll discover that clothing that moves WITH your body and offers more mobility is so much more comfortable! It’s just another reason to wear your swimsuits anywhere from the grocery store to a dinner date.

How to Include Swimwear In Your Everyday Wardrobe

Multiply your outfit options by adding your swimsuits into the mix. Let’s make some outfits happen, shall we?

Midkini Tops

With how popular crop tops are, why not rock some Midkini tops? Paired with some high-waisted jean shorts and sneakers, this look is perfect for taking your pup on a walk or grabbing a coffee!


Eyeing your other bikini tops in your closet? Bandeaus fit right in when wearing your swimsuits during your day-to-day life. 

Our Psychedelic Zebra Bandeau Bikini Top look oozes sex appeal in a coy way when worn as everyday apparel. Pair this cutie with a cardigan, shawl, or Hippie Chic Kimono for a date night look. Dark denim and heels make the perfect addition to this out-of-this-world ensemble. 

We’d swipe right in a heartbeat!

Bikini Tops

Bras aren’t exactly anyone’s first choice when it comes to comfort. Still, they can be non-negotiable for some. Swapping out bras for bikini tops is a casual compromise. Bikini tops provide more room for movement with the added bonus of leaving clasps behind. 

Welcome to the world of sheer tops! Population: everyone stylish. 

Sheer tops are both flirty and playful, a winning combo! Any swimwear top goes with a sheer shirt, although we are partial to Triangle Tops. A slightly see-through top with a sexy bikini underneath, shorts, and a wide-brimmed hat is a great look for the next outdoor festival you’re attending!

Button-down shirts or blouses can also accentuate your swimwear, too! A button-down shirt can be left partially unbuttoned for a little bikini top sneak peek with rolled-up jeans and white sneakers. Add a fashionable bucket hat to this chic outfit and really level up!

Even if you’re not particularly feeling like making a bold statement with your fashion choices, no biggie. You can still sport your swimwear off the beach in a more subtle way. This is where One Piece Swimsuits come in…

One-Pieces: So “In” This Year!

Socialite darling of the 1960s Edie Sedgwick popularized leotards and one-pieces in mainstream fashion. From then on, there hasn’t been a decade since where this outfit wasn't popular! We may not all be ballet dancers, but one-pieces look stylish on just about anyone.

Over The Shoulder One Pieces never let us down, and it can replace camis and tank tops underneath jeans or skirts. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, these One-Shoulder Cutout One-Pieces show a hint of skin. We guarantee no one else at the post office is going to be wearing something this unique!

You can even wear one-piece swimsuits as a part of your gym attire! Remember how we brought up movement? Give the following possibilities a try: Gym shorts over a stretchy, breathable one-piece in the weights area and workout leggings under a one-piece swimsuit for a barre class. 

We’re bringing Jane Fonda vibes to the 21st century!

Swimsuit Cover Ups That You Can Rock Beyond the Beach

Swimsuit cover-ups were designed with transitioning from every day to beach day in mind. So, it makes total sense why they would still be just as stylish away from the water! 

Our Fresh Blooms Short Sleeve Tunic goes over your swimsuit like a breeze. Then, put some comfy leggings underneath, and you’ve got a cozy outfit for hanging out around the house! 

This is a fun one! Our Flora Block Pareo Wrap is absolutely a summer stunner. Want to brighten up a winter’s day? If you’re feeling the effects of Vitamin D deficiency, this look is yours. A one-piece with this tropical wrap brings the beach to you!

Kimonos can beef up the outerwear section of your closet. Simply wear them as you would a cardigan or light jacket, and feel as elegant as you look. Colorful kimonos balance out solid-colored swimwear, and vice versa.

You can also sport these Flower Power Beach Pants over the one piece of your choosing! These pants are so lightweight that it will seem like a crime feeling this cozy. Comfort doesn’t have to take a backseat to being trendy!

One of our favorite cover-ups is our Peace, Love, and Peaches Off the Shoulder Cover-Up Dress. This dress is so in style that no one would ever guess its original intention was to cover up a swimsuit. A black belt, flats, and an oversized purse with this dress make such a darling farmer’s market ensemble. 

Romantic comedy protagonist? That’s you, girl!

Swimsuit Looks That Go From Day to Night

So, you’ve spent the day in your swimsuit at the beach. Now the sun is making its way below the horizon, and the stars have come out to play. Your friends sent an excited text inviting you out for a night on the town! You don’t want to make them wait for you to go home and change, so what’s a girl to do?

There are a bunch of options for taking your swimsuit from the sand to the sidewalks! All you need are a few accessories in your tote bag, and you’ll be set for whatever the night has in mind. 

Our 70s Striped Beach Pant is a fun choice. Mix and match these pants with a neutral one-piece for an adorable cocktail bar outfit! Slip-on sandals complete this groovy ensemble.

Skirts also go beautifully with bikini tops! We are forever obsessed with high-waisted skirts that flaunt a lil skin underneath that Bralette Top. Midi and maxi skirts are easy-breezy, so paired with a one-piece, they’re even better. And oh my gosh, imagine a Plunge One Piece combined with a pencil skirt?! You’ll be the image of flirty sophistication. 

What about shoe possibilities to take your look from the waves to the clubs? Strappy heels always or rounded toe flats are always a great option. 

Must-Have Accessories To Pair With Your Everyday Swimsuit Look

Keep these accessory possibilities in mind when you’re thinking about bringing your swimwear from the beach to brunch!

  • Shawl or Cardigan. These can make your swimsuit appear more high fashion!
  • Dangly Earrings. Sleek lines and curve-hugging materials are just some of what we love about swimsuits. Earrings can complement your swimsuit’s silhouette so well!
  • Blazer. A step up from a simple cardigan, the angles of a blazer are a super fun juxtaposition with the feminine approach of your swimsuit.
  • High Waisted Anything! You’ve heard us mention high-waisted pants and shorts with both bikini tops and one-piece swimsuits! 
  • Sandals. Even if you aren’t planning on hitting the beach, sandals can help tie the whole summer-tinged look together.
  • Pareo Wraps. Have you ever seen anything more summery? A swimsuit + wrap combination will be just as at home at the park as on the beach.
  • Hats. Take your swimsuit style up a notch with an elegant floppy hat. Or lean into casual ambiance using a baseball cap! Bucket hats, fedoras, berets… Each of these different types of hats can take your swimsuit outfit in any number of directions!
  • Belts. Okay, we are aware that swimsuits don’t have belt loops. But this won’t stop us! Our Wanderlust Solids One Piece in black with a bold, patent leather red belt? Way too chic.
  • Necklaces. When a long statement necklace meets a Plunge One Piece, all is right with the world.
  • Makeup. Sunscreen might be a given when you are wearing your swimsuit ON the beach, but off the beach, glam it up! We love vibrant lip color for a pop of sass.
  • Bags. If you need just the basics, a small crossbody purse helps keep it minimal. If you’ve got more to carry, a beach-style tote-purse plays the part oh so well!

Activities off the Beach Where You Can Wear Your Swimsuit

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few places you can rock your swimwear off the sand:

  • Lounging in your backyard
  • Going for a walk
  • Hiking 
  • Grocery store shopping
  • Washing your car
  • Clubbing
  • Cocktail bar
  • Dinner date
  • Brunch with friends
  • Outdoor concert
  • Barbeque
  • Sunbathing
  • Working out
  • Gardening
  • Rollerblading
  • Anywhere your heart desires!


Have we convinced you to start wearing your bikinis, one-pieces, monokinis, and cover-ups all year round? 

Say "au revoir" to being confined by rules. Get creative with ways you can transform your swimsuits from beach-only to everyday staples! Your swimsuit ensembles can be styled up or down and can fit in with any occasion. Whether or not the sun is shining, your little hint of summer in your OOTD is sure to keep the good feels comin’. We can’t wait to see what fun and gorgeous ways you wear your swimsuits off the beach!


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