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Mix and Match Swimwear Separates You’ll Love

Imagine having two sets of swimwear separates that can create four different looks — or perhaps even four sets of swimwear separates that make 16 different potential combinations.

What kind of sorcery is this?! This swimwear matching magic isn’t from the Harry Potter universe.

Mixing and matching swimwear separates can seem like a complicated science, but take it from us: it’s simple! With a few tips and examples, you’ll be ready to dive into the art of mixing and matching swimwear separates, before you dive into the pool.

Why Mix and Match Swimwear Separates?

Mixing and matching swimwear separates works with:

  • Bikinis
  • Monokinis
  • Bandeaus
  • Triangle tops
  • High waisted bottoms
  • Hipster bottoms
  • … and anything else your swimsuit-donning heart desires!

Changing up your swimwear by creating different combinations brings out the fashionista in all of us. It is also a super fun way of getting more use and excitement out of your swimwear looks!

Hopping on a plane this summer for a vacation in Italy? With all of those gorgeous miles of coastline, no way will one swimsuit look cut it! Your vacation pals will no doubt want to show off the trip and snap selfies. But having the same swimwear set in each photo that ends up on Insta?! Not our fave option, TBH.

Packing just a few extra tops and bottoms can provide your summer vacation wardrobe with the diversity you crave (and help you look naturally stylish in your different looks, from the Amalfi Coast to Lake Como).

Another reason for mixing and matching alternating swimwear separates? Maybe you wear a size large up top, but a medium in bottoms (or vice versa). Say goodbye to buying swimsuit combos in one size and hoping for the best.

With various swimsuit possibilities, you can now buy your swimwear tops and bottoms that fit comfortably!

Mixing and Matching Swimwear to Save Money

Aren’t we all just trying to get the best bang for our buck? We know that mixing and matching swimwear separates can save money. That is a cause most of us can stand behind!

Investing in various swimwear separates gives you the opportunity to wear your swimsuits in a bunch of different ways. But how? Let’s break it down. Purchasing four pairs of swimsuit separates is less expensive than buying 16!

The math supports it: four unrelated swimsuit tops + four different swimsuit bottoms = 16 looks that are totally unique, totally stylish, and totally easy on your wallet.

Mixing and Matching Swimwear for a Diverse Closet

To drive this mind-blowing idea home, let’s go over it again. Four swimsuit sets can create 16 diverse ensembles! We feel like Mariah Carey with that amount of closet swag. And even though you can almost hear matching swimwear pairings singing “We Belong Together,” they don’t have to!

Each time you mix up alternating swimwear, it breathes new life into each piece. With your newfound collection of swimsuits, every combination has its own distinct vibe.

It’s clear that our Wanderlust Solids Halter Triangle Top and our Wanderlust Solids Side Shirred Hipster Bottoms go together like peanut butter and jelly. Slide on some thin black sandals and posh sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

A floral bandeau looks darling with those solid hipster bottoms. And fun printed bottoms (hi, Psychedelic Zebra Side Shirred Hipster Bottoms) give a playful balance against a solid color bikini top. We love it!

The Do’s of Mixing and Matching Swimwear Separates

Harness your Project Runway energy when mixing and matching swimwear. Obvi, we have some suggestions:

  • New to the world of swimsuit pairings? Sticking with one solid color piece and one pattern is usually a safe bet. Solids go amazingly with florals, stripes, animal prints, and polka dots. Pattern mixing is also an option, but it’s a delicate art form.
  • Say you’re matching a solid top to a patterned bottom or the other way around. It helps to have the same color in both items for consistency!
  • Putting two contrasting colors together gives such a fun vibe! Think black and white, vibrant yellow and deep red, or sunset orange and forest green.
  • Did we mention black goes with anything? With either an all-black bikini top or all-black bottoms, the potential is limitless!

The Don’ts of Mixing and Matching Swimwear Separates

While we are firm believers in the “you do you” philosophy, some swimwear just doesn’t look great together.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind on what to avoid when mixing and matching:

  • You definitely don’t want to pair swimwear separates together whose styles are wildly different. For example, a skimpier bikini top will look like it is meant to be with side-tie hipster bottoms! But sexy hipsters with a midkini may not be soulmates.
  • Material matters! Straying away from the standard swimsuit material into choices like crochet? This means sticking with one over the other when it comes to your set.
  • If you are considering pairing two solid colors, keep this upcoming tip in mind. Pairing two colors that are super similar is a definite no-go. It ends up looking a little bit off!

Swimwear Separates You’ll Love to Mix and Match

Swimsuits that are sold separately, for unlimited combination possibilities? We are HERE FOR IT. Let’s take what we’ve learned above and make some swimwear magic!

Black Basics

You will want to have a black swimwear set in your closet for sure. Our Wanderlust Solids Halter Triangle Top and Wanderlust Solids High Waist Bottom are classic choices that will look dazzling combined with other colors and patterns!

Flower Power

Consider our high waist bottoms matched up with our Fresh Blooms High Neck Midkini Top or the Flower Power Bralette Top. Even though both of these swimwear tops have a floral pattern, the silhouettes offer two super unique statements.

Awesome Solids

Sticking with the theme of solids, what about a classic black solid top marrying different colored bottoms? Wanderlust Solids Halter Triangle Top to the rescue, ready to take on various bottom styles. This bikini top would look oh so darling with Wanderlust Solids Side Shirred Hipster Bottom in sky blue.

But why stop there? The Wanderlust Solids line of hipster bottoms also comes in watermelon, sunshine, and coral tones. And those names just make us want to splash in the waves!

Starstruck Swimsuits

Remember our tip about combining swimsuit separates that have one color in common? Take this next style to the seashore. The Zodiac Bralette Top is one of our fave styles, and yes, there is a Zodiac Side Shirred Hipster Bottom to match. But we aren’t doing that today! Let’s grab solid black bottoms that stylishly complement the star-studded bralette top.

Island Time

Want another example? We won’t say no. The In a Trance Tropical Bandeau Bikini Top has so many rich colors, including black. Black hipster bottoms or black high-waisted bottoms carry this style all the way to the jungles of Costa Rica or Hawai’i!

Just because black goes with pretty much anything doesn’t mean the fun stops there. If you are seeking a swimsuit separate pair that packs more of a colorful punch, we’ve got just the look.

True Colors

Sunshine 79’s New Wave Halter Triangle Top has the sweetest touches of pink, orange, and yellow. This bikini top would look absolutely chic matched with either the watermelon, sunshine, or coral colors of the Wanderlust Solids High Waist Bottom. Put on that fashion show, girl!


We can’t wait to see how your style and creativity shine through when you mix and match your swimwear in countlessly fun ways. Let out your inner fashion designer, we know you want to! Have fun mixing and matching!


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