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How to Pack Swimsuits the Right Way for Vacation

You’ve spent all year waiting for summer, anxious to hit the surf and sand. Plane tickets have been purchased, your house sitter is on standby, and your perfectly fitting swimsuit is on lock.

You have a lot of things to devote your attention to before your beach vacay. Let’s leave one worry on the tarmac: how to pack your swimsuits!

We’ve got the lowdown on how to pack your swimsuits the right way for vacation. Are you ready to pack smarter and easier so that you can get to your vacation that much faster? Let’s do it!

How Many Swimsuits Should I Pack for Vacation?

You never want to be without a dry swimsuit ready to go at a moment’s notice during your summer trips. There isn’t a magic number of how many swimsuits you should pack for your beach getaway! Still, to get closer to how many swimsuits your trip requires, consider:

How long will you be on vacation? For a quick weekend trip, you may only need one or two suits. Longer stints could definitely go for more swimwear in your luggage!

Are you someone who likes variety? Variety is the spice of life — hence why they can’t keep us away from the topping bar when we get froyo.

If sporting multiple looks is your strawberry jam, you’ll want more than one or two swimsuits! If your vacation has you going from hanging out poolside to tanning on the beach, bring as many suits as your variety-craving heart desires.

Maximizing Space by Reusing Swimwear

You know what’s great? A beautiful swimsuit. Know what’s even better? A reversible suit. Wait, what?! We promise — it’s a thing! 

Our In a Trance Tropical One Piece is the hottest summer stunner. A vibrant tropical pattern decorates this sexy swimsuit, but it’s not all beauty with this one piece! This swimsuit has brains, too. When you reverse this swimsuit, check out that sassy cheetah print. Freeing up valuable suitcase real estate with a two-in-one is the right way to pack for vacation.

Maybe you’d rather have a reversible bikini set. We weren’t going to leave you hanging! Meet our In a Trance Tropical Banded Halter Triangle Top. We absolutely adore the alluring silhouette that this triangle top provides. 

And have you met the matching bikini bottoms? The side shirring on our In a Trance Tropical Side Shirred Hipster Bottoms is oh-so-flattering, whether you’re wearing the cheetah print or bright floral design.

Not only are you space-saving with suits that are 2 in 1, but you’re looking good doing it! If you’re looking for even more space-saving tips, what about multiple tops and bottoms that look good even when they’re swapped out with one another?

Some simple math: Two suit looks can be mixed and matched to have four possible combinations. Three suits can be swapped around to have nine combinations! Before we turn this into a math lesson, this is all you need to know for the test a few swimsuit styles that can be swapped around will give you enough options to last for a very long (and fun) trip. 

Swimsuit Packing Hacks

Space-saving is key, and rolling up your suit helps them shrink down even more! Your swimwear can be easily stored in the nooks and crannies of your suitcase. 

If your one-piece swimsuits and bikini tops have cups, stack ‘em! Those molded cups don’t deserve to be crushed by your platforms or books. Space-saving plus protecting your swimsuit’s integrity? Win, win.

Does your trip to Tulum include bringing along a Pareo Wrap (or three)? Fortunately, our pareo wraps are made with lightweight fabric, making them easy breezy in style AND packing! You can easily wrap some of your belongings up in your pareo wrap when packing your beach-bound suitcase.

Looking to keep the footprint even smaller? Try storing your rolled-up suit inside a small plastic or reusable bag. Then, insert it into a pair of your shoes (or that cute sun hat of yours!) for even more space. The bag makes taking your swimsuit in and out of storage a breeze. Storing your swimsuit in its own capsule will also make sure your straps don’t get tangled on anything else! 

A plastic or reusable bag is a great way to store your wet swimsuit, too! Your suit may get wet on your trip, and maybe you had too much fun to worry about drying it properly. If you’re in a hurry to pack and go, store your suit in a plastic bag to help keep the wet suit away from your dry clothes. 

You may be thinking: Who cares about a little water? If you’ve spent any time in a pool or hot tub, you’ve been in contact with chlorine. You know, like the bleach. Suits are made to handle the rough conditions of chlorinated water, but your favorite black shirt might not be. Don’t come home to a tie-dye surprise. 

Other Vacation Packing Tips

You may have seen some viral videos a few years back of people rolling clothes for vacation trips. We’re here to tell you that they weren’t just gimmicky videos for views! Rolling your clothes helps cut down the size to almost half, thanks to the tension of rolling. The big upside? No hard corner creases.

Our tip is to roll up all of the large clothes you know you’ll be taking. Prioritizing those helps you figure out how much space you’re REALLY using up. 

We know you only take the essentials for your beach vacation, and multiple shoe options are absolutely crucial! You have to be ready to be comfortable, fashionable, or both all at a moment’s notice,

If you feel like taking a few extra pairs of shoes is eating into your suitcase space, maximize it by using the shoes as storage. The insides of shoes hold a lot of unused real estate. They’re perfect for protecting sensitive items or things that could easily get lost! Think of jewelry, phone chargers, socks, or other loose knick-knacks. Those items can find a temporary home, so you’ve got everything you need right where you left it.

Travel-sized toothpastes or hand sanitizers are easily procured at your local drug store. What isn't there a travel-size version of? Probably your specific face routine liquids. Using a travel-size liquid container set (TSA approved) will save you a lot of headaches. You can portion out and label all the special liquids you need because there’s no way we’re leaving our moisturizer at home.

Swimsuit Care Before Heading Home

We know, the last thing you want to do before heading back to reality once your trip is over is pack. The wistful feels we get when packing up our swimsuits for the last time until next summer pack a wallop. Trust us, you’re going to want to get a little more quality time with your swimsuits before they get put back into your dresser drawer!

Take the extra few minutes to clean your swimwear if it gets wet during your trip. Even if all you have to work with is a hotel sink and hotel bar of soap! It’s way better than the harsh salt from the ocean, or chlorinated water from a pool or hot tub. That way, all you have to do once you land back home is dry your swimsuits and put them away. 

Fill your sink with water and use the bar of soap to make the water soapy. Lightly soak and scrub your swimsuits to get out any sand, salt, or water from your outing. Drain the sink and give your suit a rinse through to get the soapy water out. 

This small, quick, and easy step helps protect your investment in your beautiful swimwear outfits! The only way we want to take the beach home with us is with some seashells, thank you very much.


The consideration for packing your precious swimsuits goes beyond just stuffing it into your suitcase! Barriers to keeping your clothes dry, washing your swimsuits, and prepping your outfits will save you space to take even more swimsuits. 

Summer vacations are a time to unwind, relax, and recharge. Focus on YOU during your vacation! Do yourself a favor beforehand and plan ahead with these tips. Think of it as a little version of self-care. When it comes to packing swimsuits the right way for vacation, you’ve got this covered.



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