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7+ Chic Pool Party Outfits To Rock This Summer

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, and it’s time to clean out your closet. But sorting through your wardrobe is reminding you that summer is only a few weeks away — and what are you going to do when that gorgeous weather comes in?

It’s time to check out what’s in style for hanging by the beach, pool, or barbecue in the sunshine this year!

At Sunshine 79, we’ve done the hard work for you. What’s in style this year is bold and beautiful patterns ranging from floral to celestial — and even some bohemian vibes where a certain desert music festival comes to mind. Once we help you find the perfect pool party outfit, the only thing left on your agenda is to have a good time!

When you’re hanging out poolside, you’ll want to show off your impeccable taste in fashion. Let’s jump into what’s hot with loungewear and swimwear for your next vacation. Here are our takes on chic pool party outfits to rock this summer that would be just as at home at a pool party in Los Angeles as they would be at a cute beach cafe in Italy!

One Piece Swimsuits for a Chic Pool Party

The word “swimsuit” was first coined in 1921. While black and white images of women covered under baggy fabric from head to toe come to mind, fashion trends have come a long way in the decades since!

Forget the idea that one piece swimsuits can’t be flirty and alluring. This century, one piece swimsuits come in a wide array of sexy styles.

Plunge Neckline Swimsuits

Plunge necklines like our In A Trance Tropical Plunge One Piece give you just the right amount of sexy. And here’s a secret: The In A Trance Plunge One Piece is reversible, freeing up valuable real estate in your suitcase if your pool party plans have you jetsetting. Two looks in one is pretty hard to beat when it comes to being fashion forward!

An outfit repeater? Not us, thanks.

Cutout Swimsuits

This style is definitely one of our favorites, and can you blame us?! Cutout swimsuits can draw attention to your favorite features with differently shaped cutouts along the sides, back, or front of your bathing suit.

Looking for a cutout one piece that will stand out at an evening pool party? The Zodiac Cutout One Shoulder may be in your chart! Not only is the pattern a stand out in the crowd with classic gold-on-black colors, but its asymmetrical design with the above hip cut out and single shoulder silhouette are a fun take on the traditional one piece design.

Bikinis for a Chic Pool Party


Pool party outfits can be as diverse as the musical acts at Coachella. If you feel like channeling your inner music festival goddess, a bikini is an amazing option! First rising to fame in 1946, bikinis (named after Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands), these tiny treasures certainly changed the trajectory of women’s swimwear fashion.

Woman wearing a rainbow bikini at the beach

With a bikini, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Bikini tops come in a ton of different styles, like:

  • Triangle
  • Bandeau
  • Bralette
  • Midkini

So many options — and so many pool parties to attend! Try a sleek bandeau during a weekend getaway, combining it with one of our many choices for bottoms! Hipster or high waisted? Try swapping out contrasting styles… What you’re drawn to might surprise you!

A bralette bikini top paired with high waisted bottoms exudes boho style, while a triangle bikini top and Side-Tie Hipster Bottoms makes the perfect recipe for flirty, sexy, and fun vibes.

Here’s our closet hack: Having a few different bikini tops and bottoms in your wardrobe for the summer leads to limitless pool party style possibilities.

Wraps and Swimsuit Cover Ups for a Chic Pool Party

Say hello to swimsuit cover ups! Wraps, sarongs, and pareos may be the classic cover-ups we love, cover-ups have grown to include options like kimonos, tunics, and pants. These days, the world is your cover-up fashion oyster.

Swimsuit wraps and cover ups provide an effortlessly chic and breezy look with the ability to fit right in at a casual backyard pool BBQ or with your feet in the water at a mid-century modern Palm Springs hotel.

Our Pareo Wrap from the In A Trance line comes in eight prints, and how darling is that Tropical pattern?! It’s a one size fits all that looks just as good with a bikini as it does with a one piece featuring a side tie with multi-color tassels for a subtle pop of color.

Oh, and the best thing about cover ups and wraps? There are tons of ways you can wear them.

There’s the classic hip hugging approach where the pareo or sarong is tied around your waist or hips, accentuating your swimsuit. Wearing a kimono-style cover up draped over your shoulders gives both a playful and sexy look, or you can even go the tunic route for a cover up look of an adorable dress. No matter what way you intend to wear a pareo, kimono, or tunic, swimsuit cover ups are a must have outfit addition for fashionable summer energy (no matter where you roam)!

Accessories for a Chic Pool Party

Your pool party attire is quickly taking shape: Maybe a cutout one piece swimsuit in pink with a floral cover up around your waist, or a black bikini paired with a cheetah print sarong! Something seems like it’s missing, though…

Accessories always give a helping hand with looking chic and stylish at a pool party because they can truly elevate any ensemble. With summer vibes, less is more — so, what accessory will you be adding to your pool party look?

Sun Hats

Sun hats help keep you cool under that sweltering summer sun, not to mention tying any outfit together seamlessly. Made of lightweight materials like straw or canvas, hats for a pool party come in an assortment of options. Wide brimmed hats in various pastel hues allow for a pop of spring during the summer months, while bucket hats pay homage to 90s fashion (so trendy this year).

Beach Bags

Beach bags and totes not only offer a place to stash your towel and snacks, but can also be another opportunity to dazzle with your sense of style! Oversized tote bags are totally chic and come in handy during a beach trip or pool party.



Accessories like sunglasses can add a glamorous touch while protecting your eyes from the sun’s potentially harmful rays. Our Sito Bender sunglasses are a square rimmed frame that beg to be taken out at the pool or hot tub. Best of all, they’re responsibly made of plant-based acetate. And we are swooning over the muted wine lenses that provide 100% UV protection.

sito sunglasses on a wooden surface


What about footwear? Platforms are back, baby! This summer, chunky soled sandals are where it’s at.

Not a fan of heels? There are still plenty of other types of sandals to choose from to rock at a pool party. Thick bottomed sandals can give the illusion of height, or give classic, strappy sandals a shot for a sleek approach.

Hairstyles for a Chic Pool Party

The right hairstyle and outfit pairing can truly be a match made in heaven as you chill with a drink in hand next to the pool this summer.

Sea salt texturizing sprays add beachy waves when spritzed into your locks, and that natural, wind-tousled look can also be obtained by wearing your hair in braids overnight! Run your fingers through your hair in the morning, and soft, bohemian waves can be yours.

For a look that seems effortlessly low maintenance, French or fishtail braids keep your hair from getting tangled and look oh-so darling.

Our Fave Pool Party Outfit Ideas

Now that you have swimsuits, wraps, and tasteful accessories on lock, let's put some pool party outfits together, shall we?

Our Zodiac Bralette Top in black combined with a lightweight black straw hat, Wanderlust Solids High Waisted Bottoms in any color of your choosing, and some platform strappy sandals makes the PERFECT look for sipping on a cocktail at a poolside cabana in the California desert. (Joshua Tree this weekend, anyone?)

Dreaming of lounging next to a pool in Hawaii? Even if you’re planning a staycation bash in your own backyard, tropical vibes can still be at your fingertips. The In A Trance Tropical One Piece + beachy waves + Sito Cult Vision Sunglasses + flipflops = an outfit made for tropical paradise!

Pool Party Outfits: All Summer Long!

Armed with your new expertise on putting together a fashionable pool party outfit, you’re ready to RSVP to any summer get-together; whether it be local or abroad. When you’re feeling your best, people notice! And feeling confident in your summer wardrobe is everything.

Grab their attention by embracing your radiance in these hip and chic pool party looks.


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