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8+ Swimsuits Perfect for Large Busts

With summer approaching, so are events that call for swimwear. This summer, pool parties and beach days are practically begging for chic swimsuits that flatter every body type — including those blessed with big busts! 

One of the most beautiful things about being human is that we come in different shapes and sizes. Long legs, heart-shaped faces, large busts… you name it! The key to embracing our unique features? Finding ways to make us feel unapologetically confident in our skin. 

Style and comfort for large busts is possible, we promise!

Whether you are looking to accentuate your larger boobs, minimize their appearance, or something in between, here are over eight of the best swimsuit styles that are totally perfect for large busts.

Highlight or Conceal?

For those of us with large busts, the question of accentuating our chest or concealing it is a question as old as time — and there is no wrong answer! You can look stylish in an underwire bikini top or tankini top while getting some extra support and the perfect fit for your big boobs.

Sometimes, whether we want to show off our curves depends on the day or event. With these swimsuit styles in mind, you can both embrace your shapely figure or draw attention to other features for balance. If you have larger busts, don’t be afraid of cut-outs, keyhole slots, and other trendy ways to show off your figure.

A great idea when you can’t choose between emphasizing your chest or slimming it? Por que no los dos?! 

Okay, maybe your Spanish is a little rusty. Translated to English as “why not both,” having a best of both worlds attitude goes a long way when styling our large busted figures. Try grabbing a few different bikini top styles to mix and match with neutral bottoms based on how you feel before you head out to the coast.

What Swimsuit Styles Emphasize a Large Bust?

Tankinis, one-piece bathing suits, two-piece bikini sets, bandeau bikini tops… options for enhancing a curvaceous chest come in myriad styles. Plunge One-Pieces draw attention to your cleavage while also granting support and structure through removable cups. This retro 70s Stripe Plunge One Piece has details that are just as elegant as they are seductive!

We are totally here for strutting your stuff among the waves in a plunge swimsuit. Deep V-neck swimsuit styles are a sultry way of highlighting your bust, and they’re some of our bestsellers!

Other possibilities include bralette tops with wide straps paired with high-waisted bottoms: no thin non-adjustable straps digging into your shoulders here! We all know the importance of bra strap orientation to minimize bra strap discomfort. Luckily, swimsuit brands are taking note and adding push-up support and adjustable straps to their swimwear. Individuals with large busts refuse to be left in the dust!

Also, remember that triangle bikini tops aren’t just for smaller busted individuals. There are a bunch of choices that strike the perfect balance of enhancing a large bust without feeling like you’ll be spilling out of your top! That’s why our shoulder straps are easily adjustable.

Crisscross straps on a Triangle Bikini Top help with support and are a much better alternative to halter tops (which can sometimes feel too constricting for fuller chests).

What Swimsuit Styles Conceal a Large Bust?

Sometimes, we just aren’t about showing off what our mamas gave us. If your swimsuit-wearing plans involve something a little more practical like swimming or if you aren’t sure if your plunge swimsuit will garner grandma’s approval, we have solutions! 

First of all, you’ll want to skip the high neck cover-ups for something a bit more revealing — think closer to lingerie than a bodysuit.We are officially obsessed with the Zodiac Bralette Bikini Top and what a sweet look it provides. Fitted midkinis are a win-win with coverage and sensible designs. Pair it with your favorite bikini bottoms and you’re good to go! The Peace, Love, and Peaches Bandeau One Piece has a hidden V wire in the bodice for a playful look with a classy appeal.

After you’ve selected the swimsuit style, it’s all about colors and patterns! In the words of famous fashion designer Christian Dior, black is still touted as one of the most slimming of all the colors. 

Another fashion tip to remember: Black goes with everything! A black midkini top combined with black bottoms and a colorful kimono supplies a tantalizing pop of excitement to your swimsuit style.

What Swimsuits Should I Look for to Support a Large Bust?

Some styles of swimsuits just don’t vibe with those of us who are well-endowed, and that’s okay! Being aware of what works and what to avoid when it comes to styling our large busts in swimsuits is so important. 

The last thing you want to be worried about while you’re chillin’ on a pool float or splashing in the waves is that your swimsuit doesn’t provide you with the support you need.

Strapless swimsuit tops sometimes aren’t the business, as they tend to look weighed down by a fuller chest (mostly when they become wet from the pool or ocean). Triangle bikini tops can certainly be super stylish on a large bust, but we all know how non-negotiable support is. 

The internet is littered with studies comparing the relationship between bra size and back pain, when we’re here thinking, “You could have just asked us! We live this every day!” The truth is, you don’t have to compromise style for chest support.

Gone are the days when “large bust swimsuits” mean frumpy, unflattering outfits. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Swimsuit Shopping

Swimsuit shopping with your fuller bust in mind means keeping a few extra ideas underneath that sunhat of yours. Swimsuits that come with underwire can be a good choice, especially if you know that underwire bras make regular appearances in your closet. Padding or no padding in your swimsuit top is totally up to you! Many swimsuits that boast cup padding can be worn with or without the underwire cups.

If your large bust contributes to unfortunate back pain, there is absolutely no shame in gravitating toward thicker straps on your swimsuit top. The perfect swimsuit for large busts keeps both fashion and comfort in mind. We are all about it!

Swimsuit Styles to Avoid with a Large Bust

Having a curvy upper body can sometimes feel like you’re left to your own devices when settling on what to wear — and what not to wear. Not enough support leaves us feeling exposed, and too much coverage prevents us from rockin’ our beautiful bodies. 

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did the hard work of trying on swimsuits for you? We will shout from the rooftops how much we are fans of strapless tops. But not all strapless swimsuit tops are created equal when large busts come into play. 

Most of the bandeau styles here at Sunshine 79 come equipped with removable straps. This gives you ammunition for a lil’ mirror fashion show before the beach BBQ. 

Don’t want to commit to a swimsuit style that is fully strapless? One Shoulder One Pieces have only gotten more popular each summer, and for good reason! Check out that silhouette — can you say LOVE?!

Swimsuit Examples that are Flattering on Large Busts

Wondering what bust-flattering swimsuits to shove into your carry-on for your trip to Tulum or pack in your car’s trunk during your weekend Malibu getaway? Here are some additional swimsuit options that are perfect for large busts.

Underwire support may be the way to go, and removable cups (our Flower Power Bralette Swim Top boasts these!) allow you the flexibility of either emphasizing or minimizing a large bust.

Our Zodiac Over the Shoulder Bralette Top is the cutest example of both style and practicality. The wide straps prevent you from feeling like the top can’t contain your chest, and the V neckline effortlessly balances out the wide straps by showing just a hint of skin. 

Think one-piece swimsuits can’t offer security up top? Think again! Please welcome our Feelin' Fine Floral Plunge One Piece to the stage. With just the right amount of curve-hugging: and crisscross straps across your back gives an amazing amount of support for us fuller chested gals!

Swimsuits for All

We can’t express just how happy it makes us to see models of all shapes and sizes gracing the covers of magazines and advertisements. Let’s dispel the antiquated idea that swimsuits and bikinis are only for supermodels. EVERY body is a beach body, and everybody deserves to feel gorgeous, no matter what swimsuit style calls your name.

Now, we are not here to tell you what to do and what not to do with your body! We also know that how you may feel about having a large bust can change as swiftly as summer changes into fall (say it ain’t so!).

When the sun sets on a warm day, the most important thing in the world is feeling authentically you and self-assured. After all, the only thing you want to have in mind while rockin’ your swimsuit this season is having a great time!

We hope that these swimsuit options for large busts help you feel confident, chic, and taken care of — all at the same time! Emphasizing, minimizing, practicality, style…you can have all of the above at your manicured fingertips with swimsuits that are absolutely perfect for large busts!



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