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The Best Swimsuits for Small Busts

Ah yes — it’s our favorite time of year. The sun is hanging out longer these days, and it’s time to break out our summer swimwear. 

Sometimes, we have to take our body type into consideration when swimsuit shopping to be our most comfortable and confident selves. Every body is a bikini body, and finding a swimsuit that makes us feel like a hundred bucks doesn’t have to cost a hundred bucks. 

Adding items to your online cart is easy. After all, there are so many cute styles! But when it comes to picking just one, suddenly we’ve got more commitment issues than George Clooney (pre-Amal, naturally). 

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of choices when shopping for swimsuits. Navigating how to find the right swimsuit for you shouldn’t have to be a chore! We are here to advocate for making swimsuit shopping enjoyable. And it can be! 

If you’re wondering, “How will this swimsuit look on my small boobs?” — worry not. We’ve done the hard work for you, and parted the seas to reveal the best swimsuits for small busts.

The Science Behind Breast Size

Just like eye color, hair type, and what size shoe you wear, breast size is mostly determined by genetics. Other factors that can influence the size of your bust include weight, pregnancy, and exercise.

What’s “normal” when it comes to breast size? Everything and anything. That’s right, lovelies: there are no wrong ways to own breasts. So, don’t be afraid of cut-outs, scoop necks, halter tops, and even triangle bikini tops if you have a smaller chest.

Maybe you’ve embraced your small chest, maybe you’re wishing you had somethin’ a little bigger. The grass is always greener, right? We want you to embrace that body you’re rocking and feel unabashedly confident in your gorgeously unique skin. If you’re craving a lil boost to your cup size for the summer, read on!

Tips to Emphasize a Small Bust

If you want to give the illusion of a larger chest, there are certain tips to do just that. We promise you won’t be stuffing your bikini top with tissue with these tricks up your sleeve!

  • Play with prints and patterns! We’ve totally got you covered on that front. From ruched designs and ruffles to sporty swim tops in retro patterns, we’ve got everything you need in the perfect fit for smaller boobs.

  • Unconventional necklines can keep things interesting. Try a v-neck, underwire bikini top, lace-up bikini top, or even a push-up bikini with a unique shape.

  • Additional fabric will totally make it look like there’s more than meets the eye — and keep things comfy. 

What to Look for When Shopping for a Small Bust

Smaller-chested people browsing for the perfect swimsuits should keep these ideas in mind:

  • Vibrant and Dramatic Patterns. Visually striking elements on your bikini top look both fun and fashionable on smaller busts.

  • Cinched Bodices. These types of bikini tops can create beautiful curves! 

  • Low Necklines. Say “yes” to being a little daring without having to worry about any wardrobe mishaps. Find a bikini set with a plunging neckline with adjustable straps for the perfect look.

  • High Necklines. Yes, we know we just mentioned low necklines. But small busts honestly look amazing in both necklines for different reasons! Higher necklines fall in the category of “unconventional” and can make your chest look a bit more full. Try a tankini bathing suit for a simple approach with a higher neckline.

Which Bikini Tops Are Perfect for Small Busts?

We’ve looked at a few suggestions on what to keep in mind when scouring for the best swimsuits. Now, let’s show you our must-have bikini tops that are the absolute best for small busts!


Individuals with a small bust can often get away with not needing much in terms of straps when it comes to swimwear. Enter: the amazing world of bandeaus! 

We are in love with how flattering bandeaus can be, and our Flower Power Bandeau Bikini Top is no exception with sunshine hues and a summery print. Remember how we discussed patterns and prints?! This lovely little number checks all of the boxes in complementing a small bust. Plus, that criss-cross design on the back is oh-so-sexy.

Here’s another bandeau possibility for you, since we know you couldn’t get enough of the last one: Dazzling prints? Yes, please! Our Psychedelic Zebra Bandeau Bikini Top is so fun. This bandeau combines animal print and pastel rainbow colors in an easy-breezy, natural way. Now that’s talent! 

Cinched Bodice

We have an example of a cinched bodice that we are truly obsessed with. This Mellow Medallion Bandeau Bikini Top has a twist front that accentuates your bust and creates a stunning sweetheart neckline in the process! Take a step back and admire the stunning curves that this bandeau creates. 

Slap on some darling sunnies, and you’re all set, lovely. Knock ‘em dead!

Fun Necklines

Still wondering what we meant when we said you should look for a high neckline? If you are the owner of a small bust and are seeking to give it a little oomph, don’t go anywhere. 

This Flower Power High Neck Midkini Top gives the illusion of a larger bust while still being defined and trendy. Flowy fabric is the best kind of boho vibe, and the back details are super stylish. Then, little gold beads at the end of the ties make this whole look sparkle!

Grab your gold hoops, and let’s hit the pool.

The Best One-Piece Swimsuits for Small Busts

Now, you’re totally in the know as far as what the best bikinis are for small busts. But what if you’re more of a one-piece kinda gal? We weren’t going to leave you hanging!

In a Trance Tropical Plunge One-Piece, meet your adoring public. Low necklines and small busts can look so good together! And you’re hitting all the marks with this darling one piece. 

This one-piece swimsuit is reversible so that you get two looks in one! Two opportunities to shine in unmistakable patterns that will grab attention in the best way.

If you were wondering whether or not one-piece swimsuits also come in a strapless option, the answer is yes. Our Feelin' Fine Floral Bandeau One-Piece can transition from a strapped option to having no straps at all! The silhouette of this suit creates curves so naturally. From intricately sexy back details to the abstract floral print, we love this one piece!

Swimsuit Cover Ups, Too!

You’ve got your swimwear all set, and there’s still room in your suitcase for a cover-up or two. Lucky you!

You can use cover-ups like tunics, wraps, and kimonos to flatter your bust. The high neckline of our Flower Power Short Sleeve Tunic was made to carry you through hot girl summer. This tunic’s fabric hangs in a way that makes you feel laidback and high fashion at the same time. Talk about magic!

Want one more? Our pleasure. 

Chillin' Crochet High Neck Tank Top, show ‘em what you can do! This cover-up can definitely play up your front, ooh la la! We love the lightweight fabric here, and how this cover-up can go from coastal vibes to resort atmospheres! Numerous options to flatter and accentuate small busts.


If you’re feeling like you’re lacking in the chest department compared to our fuller-chested sisters, no worries! We are all built differently. That is a part of what makes us uniquely human! No shame in owning whatever body we are flaunting. Our goal is that you feel confident and stylin’ in your swimsuit this summer!

Our choices for the best swimsuits for small busts can be a super helpful starting point while you begin your swimsuit hunt. Whether your beach vacay is taking you across the world or just across the street, you are going to look fabulous in these swimsuit finds. Stay chic — but most importantly, stay YOU.



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