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Tight Swimsuit? Here’s How It Should Really Fit

When shopping for swimsuits this season, a few thoughts may come to mind: Sure, this adorable bikini looks flawless on the model! But how will it look on ME?

With so many styles and fits at our manicured fingertips, there’s a lot to take into consideration! You want to feel comfortable and beautiful in your summer swimsuit. Tight and ill-fitting suits are so last season.

The concept of how exactly swimsuits should fit is a mystery that transcends time, but we finally cracked the code. Someone let Scooby-Doo and the gang know that they are off the hook, okay?

We’ll let you in on our swimsuit secrets so that you never have to worry about a tight swimsuit again. 

What’s My Body Shape?

Knowing your body shape is definitely an important piece of the puzzle to take into account when swimsuit shopping. Swimsuits that are too tight or too loose are definitely not cute. The shape of your body can often dictate how exactly a swimsuit will fit.

There are a few shapes that describe common body types:

  • Pear or Triangle. If your lower body is curvier than your top half, you may be pear-shaped!
  • Rectangle. Equal proportions across your waist, hips, and shoulders could mean a rectangle body type.
  • Apple or Oval. Full midsection, slimmer hips, and a full bust create an apple or oval figure.
  • Hourglass. Full hips + slim waist + full bust = hourglass body shape!
  • Inverted Triangle. Those with an inverted triangle body type usually sport a slimmer waist and hips, balanced by a fuller bust and shoulders.

How to Measure Your Body for the Right Swimsuit Fit

Once you take your measurements down, buying a swimsuit will be easy as pie. This is the foundation for ensuring your swimsuit fits perfectly. When preparing to take your body measurements, you’ll want to wear clothes that are form-fitting. Alternatively, you can take these measurements over your underwear.

You should measure:

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Torso and Upper Body

It’s also helpful if you know your cup size, too!

Taking Your Measurements

To begin taking your body measurements, you’ll need a handy dandy cloth tape measure. We know you’ve got one chillin’ in a drawer somewhere! Remember not to dig the measuring tape into your skin, but hold it just tight enough so there isn’t any slack. We want to be precise, no?


To measure your bust, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest. Make sure the tape measure is flat against your body, for accuracy’s sake! You’ll want to have your arms down at your sides, as well.


Now it’s time to measure your waist! Measuring tape in hand, you’ll want to wrap it around the narrowest part of your waist. This is typically right above your belly button, and underneath your ribs. When in doubt, check that mirror out! See where your torso naturally dips in a little bit? There’s where you’ll want to measure.


Moving down the list (and the body), takes us to our hips. Having a friend around to assist can be helpful during this part! Put the tape measure around the widest part of your hips. This is usually about seven to eight inches lower than where you grabbed your waist size. Don’t forget to include your booty, too! 

Upper Body

Measuring your upper body is super important if you are in the market for a sassy summer one piece. The tape measure will go over your body vertically. Starting at the high point of your shoulders, over the fullest part of your bust, between your legs, and back around. Is your BFF still around to help? It can be way easier to get precise measurements with a friend!

Jot all of your measurements down once that tape measure has made its way around your body. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to sport a swimsuit that fits you flawlessly and effortlessly! Minimal work for a big payoff — our favorite!

How Should One Piece Swimsuits Fit?

Sure, we want to look sexy, playful, trendy, and stunning in our one-piece swimsuits this summer. Another big part of the “perfect swimsuit” puzzle is comfort: Nothing digging into your shoulder, no fear of the fabric being too tight it doesn’t allow for movement. Just vibes.

Imagine hanging out on the sand in Saint-Tropez. A cutie throws a frisbee your way, and you raise your arms into the air to catch it. Now, imagine that scenario in a too-tight suit that could make it impossible to have a full range of motion! We don’t want to let our swimsuit ruin our summer romance dreams.

The fabric of your one-piece swimsuit should have the perfect balance of being snug without being too tight. A suit that moves naturally with your body makes it so you can tackle alllll of the fun summer activities, no restrictions here! Second-skin vibes are what we are about. 

Knowing how your swimsuit should feel and look when it comes to finding the best fit is just one step to achieving swimsuit perfection. In the same way, you want your swimsuit to feel comfortable to wear, you want the style to match your personality, too! 

Dramatic floral designs, dazzling constellations? Forever-trendy stripes, or animal prints with a kick? Perhaps you’re swooning over a Wanderlust Solids Over the Shoulder One Piece to truly make your own. 

Once you pick your ‘fit, you can use this one-piece swimsuit as a blank canvas for jewelry, sunglasses, hats, and cover-ups. Now that you’ve had the chance to take your measurements and are feelin’ like a pro with your sizing, the sky is the limit! 

How Should Bikini Tops Fit?

First off, you don’t want to be constantly adjusting your go-to bikini top! If rearranging your bikini is taking up more of your headspace than having fun at the beach, that’s a no from us.


Keep in mind how everyday clothes usually fit on your body! If you’re someone who struggles with sliding straps on your tank tops, there could be some bikini tops that work better than others. Our Love Swirl Bandeau Bikini Top is one style that comes to mind for beauties with petite shoulders. 

On the other side of the strap spectrum are straps that are too tight. If you start feeling those bikini straps digging into your skin, it’s time to make some adjustments. Are you able to slide one or two fingers in between the strap and your shoulders with ease? Congratulations, you’ve found a bikini top option that fits!


If you’re donning a bikini top that is outfitted with underwires, there should be no discomfort. The seams should lie across your torso as naturally as Pinocchio. Red marks? Ouch! Wires poking at your sides or even your arms is a sign that your bikini top is not your match. That’s okay, there are plenty of other bikini tops in the sea!


What about cups? Those should provide the perfect amount of coverage, obvi! This will of course depend on what style of bikini top you’re after. 

Wondering how to tell if the cups of your bikini top fit properly? They should feel like they support your breasts, cover enough, and lie immaculately on your bust. You definitely want to feel supported in your bikini top. Tops that are too big or small will feel uncomfortable, and that is NOT the summer vacay business. 

As far as fit is concerned, you’ll want to make sure your bikini is up to any task you have on the agenda. Play around in your swimsuit! Have a dance party in your living room and call it research. We wish homework in high school was this much fun.

How Should Bikini Bottoms Fit?

Figuring out how bikini bottoms should fit isn’t rocket surgery, we promise. You want a bikini bottom style that flatters that derriere of yours in a way that looks like it was made for you.

You want to slip on your bikini bottoms and never give them another thought. If you’re having to pull up your bikini bottoms when you’re trying to swim, those babies are just too big for you. Sorry! 

Another sign your bikini bottoms may need to be sized up? A sagging fit when wet. Since swimwear is designed while considering water absorption, staying true to size makes all the difference.

If your bikini bottoms are too tight, you may notice pain near the seams or irritation. An easy fix? Side Tie Bikini Bottoms! Adjustable swimwear is our secret weapon. 

Flattering Swimsuits for Every Body

Here are a few examples of flattering swimsuits that look and fit incredibly! Pool party crowd, look out.

Try our Feelin' Fine Floral Plunge One-Piece for a look that was MADE for you. The waistline on this one-piece is so chic, flattering every body shape with ease. These colors have us dreaming of a French beachside picnic.

Feelin’ like a two-piece? Our Boheme Paisley Print Top offers straps that won’t slide or ride. Since the cups are adjustable, you can tailor this look to you!

Want another bikini top possibility? Let’s welcome the Retro Rainbow Banded Halter Triangle Top to the stage. The bottom band sits impeccably on your skin — no discomfort here! Because the straps are adjustable, you are one step closer to the perfect fit. 

Double straps offer more opportunities for bust support, as well! Because this look is a halter, pear-shaped darlings and petite lovelies can rest easy. These straps won’t be sliding down your shoulders anytime soon!

Bikini bottom options, anyone? The In a Trance Tropical Side-Tie Hipster Bottoms is the style of choice if you’re wanting cheeky coverage AND an amazing fit. With these reversible bottoms, you just know there are a million ways to model this adorable style.

Our Wanderlust Solids High Waist Bottoms are the style of choice for those wanting more moderate coverage, and the solid color gives a ton of possibilities for customization with your tops or cover-ups!

You took your body measurements earlier, right? Our measuring guide is here to help you know exactly what size to “add to cart.” One step closer to summer vacay livin’? YAAASSS! (We’ll worry about packing liquids for TSA later, thanks.)


Having a swimsuit that fits you perfectly can completely elevate your summer! The secret to a fabulous summer? Feeling comfortable, beautiful, and confident! Your swimsuit soulmate can provide all of that and more. 

You’ll be swiping right on all of the alluring swimsuit styles you’re after, now that you know how your swimsuit should really fit!



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