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How to Wear a Bikini Top in 9+ Sexy Ways

There’s something so magnetic and alluring about wearing a bikini top. Whether you’re hanging out at the pool or laying on a sandy beach, the feeling is the same: sexy, relaxed, and oh-so-stylish.

The sultry stylings of bikini tops aren’t limited to the water, either! There are so many ways to wear your bikini tops, and so many places to wear your bikini top, too! We cover it all — aren’t you lucky?

What Does It Mean to Feel Sexy?

Before we dive into these bikini top looks, talk about what feeling sexy means. This is different for everyone, which is part of what makes it fun!

We want to put our own spin on the definition of the word “sexy.” Being confident in your own skin is the best description for feeling sexy! Feeling sexy can be a mindset, and you don’t necessarily need to wear a revealing outfit to radiate that confidence.

Being sexy can be obvious or subtle. You make the rules! You can feel just as tantalizing in a string bikini on the beach as you can in sweatpants at home! These tips are about building on a bikini outfit to give off a seductive glow. Don’t forget, sexiness is about feeling self assured and confident!

What Are Different Bikini Top Styles?

Each style of bikini top delivers when it comes to seduction and allure! With almost limitless choices, which one’s your fave?

How to Look Sexy in a Bikini Top on the Beach

Bikinis became the swimwear apparel of choice by the 1960s, even though they were first introduced in 1946. Why did it take so long to catch on?! After all, who wouldn’t want to rock a bikini during the summertime? 

During the feminist movement in the 1960s, women began rejecting clothing that didn’t allow them to show off their bodies. Here for itttt! More self-advocacy, please.

In the decades since, bikini-wearing individuals have looked for ways to bump the sex appeal and style of this classic garment.

Bikinis and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly (or Mojitos and a sunset view). Even though bikini tops have a sensual flair by themselves, there are certainly ways to step up your swimwear game!

Customizing Your Look Has Never Been Easier

Let’s use our Wanderlust Solids Halter Triangle Top as an example since it’s such a quintessential bikini top staple! Because this top has adjustable straps, there are multiple ways you can tie it to customize your look.

Start by tying the lower straps around your ribcage, like you normally would. With the upper straps, make an “X” and cross the straps at your chest, bringing the straps to tie behind your neck. This is such a unique and statement-making look!

Here’s another one for you: We can turn this triangle top into a bandeau! Before you put on your bikini top, tie the two back strings together close to where the cups meet. Then, put the bikini top on, tying the two neck strings around your back! 

But don’t let the fun stop there — get creative with it! Try wrapping your bikini upside down, changing the directions of the triangles, and tying it up in different ways. What you come up with just might become your new favorite look.

How to Accentuate Cleavage in a Bikini Top

These tips to highlight your bust work for every body type!

  • Buy your bikini top in a slightly smaller size. This will help push your breasts together and create cleavage.

  • Use makeup to your advantage! Strategically applied highlighter and bronzer can catch the light in a way that enhances your cleavage.

  • Our Boheme Paisley Over the Shoulder Bralette Top is a design that really delivers when it comes to sexy vibes. Sweetheart necklines are really flattering!

  • Use necklaces to draw attention to your chest.

  • Opt for bikini tops that have built-in cups.

The curve-hugging elastane material of swimwear is a perfect ingredient for making a bikini top look sexy. Add one part elastane, one part flattering fit, and one part sassy attitude. Then, you’ve got a sexy bikini outfit ready to go!

Where to Show Off Your Sexy Bikini Outfits

Bikini tops aren’t just for the beach — here are some places you can rock your sexy new ‘fits.

Music Festivals and Concerts

We all know summer is beach season, but it’s also concert season! A ton of music festivals take place during these summer months as bikinis make their way back into the spotlight.

Ensure YOUR place in the spotlight by combining this In a Trance Tropical Banded Halter Triangle Top with low-rise booty shorts and a breezy kimono. We love how our Hippie Chic Kimono adds a bohemian aura. Sandals complete this outdoor concert outfit. If you’re running off to a country music fest, try cowboy boots. 

Maybe your Spotify playlists have more of a punk or metal flair. Our Zodiac Bralette Top pairs beautifully with a chic leather jacket. Own a denim vest, studded with patches of your favorite bands? A bikini top adds sexiness to this look, too! Ripped denim jackets, tops, and jeans are sexy in their own rights, but bringing a bikini top to this party adds a steamy touch of skin.


Playing around with swimwear cover-ups builds on the innate flirtiness of your bikini. When you’re on a resort vacation, you may find that you want to take a more subtle approach to being sexy.

Midkini Tops are always here to fit that bill! You can take this bikini top regalia anywhere in the resort, dressing it up or down.

One of our favorite picks for sexy resort wear? Our Groovy Swirl Bandeau Bikini Top The sweetheart neckline of this bikini top helps highlight your bust. If this top isn’t sexy, we don’t know what is. 

A Hot Date

A bikini top is perfect for a warm outdoor date night at your favorite restaurant. Be the ultimate bombshell with just the top against some form-fitting jeans, or accessorize! 

Want to keep it intimate? Dress up in a Feelin' Fine Floral Bralette Top for your next at-home date night. Try making dinner for the love of your life and having them wait (and watch) as you turn up the heat.

Cheering on Your Favorite Team

Come game day, a bikini top may not necessarily be where your mind goes when thinking of what to wear! But why not? 

A bikini top underneath a sheer jersey is a laid-back, flirtatious look. If you’re tailgating or hosting a Superbowl party, choose from one of our Wanderlust Solids Halter Triangle Tops in a color that matches your favorite team.

A Night Out on the Town

Clubs and afterparties totally require a sexy bikini vibe. For the party scene, flirty skirts and bikini tops are a perfect match. You could also sport a Triangle Bikini Top over a fishnet shirt if you’re feeling daring.

At Home

Even if your weekend has you staying in tonight, that’s no reason to forego feeling sexy. Slip into that New Wave Halter Triangle Top and have a mini selfie photoshoot! We adore this idea for bumping up self-confidence. 

One way to feel sexy in your bikini top is to practice your posing. Get to know your angles, and looking good for the camera while being your stunning self will come naturally. 

Plus, with access to mirrors, you can get inventive with different ways to wear your bikini top that go beyond the norm! We love a game of dress-up, don’t you?


If your day has you feeling like turning up the heat and gettin’ flirty, selecting a bikini top from your wardrobe to wear is the obvious choice. Bikini tops fit in the mix with any occasion, injecting self-confidence and excitement with every head you turn. 

Who knew that crafting sexy bikini looks could have us getting so creative?! You can wear your bikini top in many diverse ways. Don’t forget all of the activities and events where you can model your new outfits, too! Your bikini tops will carry you through the sexiest summer ever! 



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