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One Piece vs. Bikini: Which Is Right For You?

Milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate, coffee vs. tea, one-piece swimsuits vs. bikinis. Which swimsuit style should you rock this summer?

Bikinis and one-pieces have unique and distinctive silhouettes, styles, and features. What are you in the mood for? Maybe there’s only room for one of these adorable swimsuits in your luggage. No worries! We are here to help you decide which choice is right for you when hitting the beach or pool!

What Are the Differences Between One-Pieces and Bikinis?

Trends change throughout the years! The bikini is obvi swimwear royalty, but the classic one-piece can be just as cute. There’s something to love about both of these iconic swimwear styles. Let’s compare these two garments, shall we?

When swimsuits were first introduced to the masses, they debuted as a one-piece style. We’ve all seen those classic black and white images of Victorian-era women sporting swimsuits that covered almost their entire bodies.

Fast forward a few decades, and the bikini struts in: All hail Jacques Heim, who blessed us with the two-piece swimwear design that came to be known as the bikini.

Bikinis come in two separate pieces, which can usually allow for more creativity when selecting articles to mix and match. But don’t get it twisted — one-piece swimsuits can also be versatile! 

Bikinis tend to flaunt a little more skin, particularly around your midriff. Meanwhile, one-pieces can give you more support and coverage. But let’s not think of one-pieces as synonymous with words like “frumpy” or “unsexy.” 

It’s time to reject that notion, please and thank you! As you read on, you’ll discover that one-piece swimsuits can ooze elegance and enticing vibes.

Reasons to Wear a Bikini

Making a case for selecting a bikini for your beach vacay is easy, so the choice is entirely yours! 

  • Bikinis are great for even, easy tanning. If you’re determined to get a sun-kissed glow this summer, a bikini may be the choice for you. 

  • Mixing and matching is a cinch with a bikini. A bikini offers the opportunity to get creative with your beach ensembles! You can create multiple diverse looks by combining different pieces. Prints and solids, the choice is yours! Our Flower Power Bandeau Bikini Top + Wanderlust Solids Side Shirred Hipster Bottom in black, coral, or sunshine? Go for it!

  • When you’re feeling like showing off a little more skin, bikinis are a natural go-to! Put in hard work at the gym? Let your bikini flaunt it!

  • Quicker dry time. If you’ve spent time swimming in the Pacific or lounging in a hot tub, bikinis tend to dry faster because they have less fabric. This means you don’t have to wait too long to get back to the summer’s day events after taking a dip! 

Reasons to Wear a One-Piece

Now, how about checking out our reasons to wear a one-piece before you decide?

  • One-piece swimsuits give you support. If your summertime activities include swimming, water rafting, or other active ventures, choose a one-piece. One-pieces can give you more security when participating in summer adventures! Chances are, you won’t have to adjust your outfit much, either.

  • Swimwear and bodysuit, all in one! Go from the waves to the boutiques by simply accessorizing with a cover-up. One-pieces even look super trendy underneath jeans or shorts if you want to take your ensemble outside the beach.

  • Protection from the sun can be yours with a one-piece. Tans are cute and all, but maybe laying out in the sun isn’t your thing. There’s no shame in steering clear of excess sunshine exposure on your vacation!

  • More coverage. One-pieces can be a little more practical if you’re out surfing all day, or maybe you’re in a more modest mood. Our Zodiac Over the Shoulder One Piece gifts you with coverage, yet is still playful and fun!

What Do Bikinis and One-Pieces Have in Common?

Okay, we’ve spoken about the differences between bikinis and one-pieces. But let’s not pit them against each other like Heidi Montag vs. LC. 

We know, we know: We’re supposed to be helping you decide which look is right for you, not make it more difficult! We want to showcase why you really can’t go wrong.


Bikinis and one-pieces can each transition effortlessly from one activity to the next. If your day starts with brunch at 10 AM, the beach at 12 PM, and a BBQ at 5 PM, leave on your swimsuits! 

You can easily rock our New Wave Kimono and high-waisted shorts with your bikini top. A tunic is a swimsuit’s BFF, no matter what style you want. Deciding between pairing our In a Trance Tropical Pareo Wrap with either a Wanderlust Solids Halter Triangle Top + Wanderlust Solids High Waisted Bottoms OR our Wanderlust Solids Over the Shoulder One Piece? These looks are both oh-so chic. You can’t go wrong!

You can wear both a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini at most destinations that call for swimwear! A cruise to the Bahamas? Bikini or one-piece. At a resort in Cabo San Lucas? Either one works!

Tan Without Stressing

While a bikini might display more skin real estate to tan, one-pieces come in a plethora of styles that leave your “uneven tan” worries behind. With our Bandeau One-Pieces, gone are the days of stressing over unsightly tan lines left by straps.

Ooze Sex Appeal and Confidence

It’s easy to think that bikinis are the sexier version of the two when considering one-pieces vs. bikinis. Consider that myth dispelled! 

These days, one-piece swimsuits come in as many styles and designs as bikinis do. Our Zodiac Cutout One-Piece comes to mind… so seductive! One-pieces have cleavage-highlighting looks to offer, just like bikinis! Plunge One-Pieces, anyone?

Both bikinis and one-pieces can work for any body type, too. Of course, the reasons for choosing one over the other can depend on how we feel on any given day. But you can feel just as confident and beautiful in either swimsuit design! 

Where to Wear a Bikini

Bikinis are the ocean’s best friend, but let’s not forget that there are a ton of other places to rock this sexy number!

Bikinis can look at home both poolside and at a music festival. And with the right Pareo Wrap or Beach Pants, a bikini can take you from a sunny day to a moonlit night. 

If your main goal is to gain a lovely tan, you’ll definitely want to grab a bikini from your closet. And don’t worry: tanning isn’t limited to the beach. Lay out on a towel or blanket at the park, the pool, or even your own backyard.

Where to Wear a One-Piece

Since one-pieces can double as a bodysuit or leotard, there is versatility there that just can’t be beaten. You may find that you are less limited on where you can wear your one-piece vs. a bikini. One-piece swimsuits seamlessly blend in with everyday attire.

Maybe your summer vacation has you hitting the waterslides. This is where one-pieces really shine. You won’t have to worry too much about maintaining coverage with your swimsuit, giving you more headspace to have fun!

The Best Two-Piece Swimsuits and Bikinis

Best bikini style for when you’re wanting to make a statement? We’ve gotta hand it to our In a Trance Tropical Banded Halter Triangle Top. Pair this cutie with either the matching In a Trance Tropical Side-Tie Hipster Bottoms or Wanderlust Solids Side Shirred Hipster Bottoms to break it up. With oversized Sito Good Life Sunglasses and chunky bangles, you’re ready to roll.

What about the best two-piece swimsuit pick for accessorizing? We are partial to our Zodiac Bralette Top and Zodiac French Cut Bikini Bottoms, with delicate detailing that keeps things interesting. Gold accents on this bikini set match beautifully with any gold necklace you have in your jewelry box!

If you have your sights set on being the sexiest person on the beaches of Malibu or Ibiza, try a Triangle Top on for size. Our triangle tops offer deep plunge necklines that are absolutely dazzling! You’ll want a pair of Side-Tie Hipster Bottoms for good measure, too.

And the award for “Best Bikini to Wear off the Beach” goes to: the New Wave Bandeau Bikini Top, whose sassy flair feels totally L.A. All you need are some boyfriend jeans, a denim jacket, and combat boots to truly level up this ensemble.

The Best One-Piece Swimsuits

What’s the best one-piece swimsuit for swimming and other summer activities? Why, it’s the Wanderlust Solids Over the Shoulder One Piece, providing coverage in just as many ways as it provides sophistication. Bonus points: after the waterpark, slip on a Hippie Trails V Neck Tunic for an evening bar crawl.

If you’re curious to know which one-piece offers the most sex appeal, we have the answer: you can’t go wrong with any of our Plunge One Pieces! We are especially partial to the Flower Power Plunge One Piece, which laces and ties in the front. Flirty hints of skin all the way to your belly button? Phew! Trust us, one-pieces can turn just as many heads as a bikini can!

Our fave one-piece for incorporating into your day-to-day outfit rotation has got to be the Peace, Love, and Peaches Bandeau One Piece. There are so many ways you can style this stunner, and keep it fresh every time! Dress it up with straight-legged pants and pumps, maybe even a white blazer? Chic heaven. Go for a look that’s casual by adding some jean shorts and tennis shoes.

Really can’t choose between a one-piece vs. bikini? We may have the answer with a Midkini. Technically yes, it IS a two-piece. But! It ticks all of the boxes for someone who wants the best of both worlds. 

Our Fresh Blooms High Neck Midkini Top gives off vibes that are more akin to a one-piece. Meanwhile, our Wanderlust Solids Bandeau Midkini Top could be a bikini’s sister! Midkini tops go with either High Waisted or Hipster Bottoms, whatever your flavor.


You can get any look you’re going for with either a one-piece or bikini! When the question is “one-piece vs. bikini”, both swimwear choices offer their share of benefits. Knowing which is right for you is entirely up to personal preference! 

We hope we’ve made things a little easier if you have to pick between these two fashionable swimsuit styles.


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